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Energies shift every year affecting our environment and our being.


What we did and what worked last year may no longer be effective.


I am offering a FREE webinar on January 12th at 8:30 am CST to go over the shifts and changes in energies and how they affect us.  


Transformation is the theme for this year.


The Pig year brings change and transformation.


It has never been more important to be prepared.


Register for the webinar:

 "UNLOCKING Your Potential:

                     How to Create Your Best Year Ever"!

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With 3 special guests

An Ordained Minister, a Health and Wellness Practitioner and an Entrepreneur

Dorothy May


Tanya Kutterer

Reinventing Yourself

In Midlife and Beyond

Don't just choose a life, Choose an extraordinary life that's designed by you.

Develop coping skills to meet the challenges of midlife

Use the opportunities that midlife brings


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Blue Heron Holistic Health


Shaping Bodies, Minds, and Hearts. Tanya is committed to transforming limiting beliefs, generational trauma, chrinic pain, food allergies &

mood issues.

So people can become more expansive and create their greatest life.


Melanie Jane


Kids Wealth International Club ( KWIC) & World Of Wealth Group ( WOW)

Melanie, founder, and CEO is committed to teaching children, their parents and small business owners utilize their wealth-creating systems

to raise wealthy individuals

to become financially free and create a financially responsible generation.

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Logic will take you from point A to point B


Imagination will take you everywhere 


                                         ~  Albert Einstein