9 Steps for Creating Lasting Success


Your Blueprint Based on Chinese Astrology 

Are you struggling to stand out and are

becoming anxious and overwhelmed?

Are you feeling broke mentally, physically or emotionally?

 Are you bleeding money?

Does the phrase "freedom to do the things you'd like to do" seem like a fantasy?   

Find out how you can create EASE in your everyday life and achieve exponential growth using the ancient tools of

Chinese Astrology 

Note: This is NOT a one size fits all solution
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  • 9 Weekly lessons are released every Tuesday starting       October 20

  • 9 weekly Q & A Sessions every Thursday evenings from          7:00 - 8:30 pm, Starting on October 22

       Program ends in January 7th, 2021




  • Module #1 - The Abundance Code

       Finding your natural Wealth Code.

       What are the fields or activities related to your source of wealth?  

       What does your Wealth Code mean?

       What are the key actions you must take? 

       What pillar is it located in?                        

       What is the alternative if you don't have it? 

       BONUS 1: This portion includes a 45 minute personal reading.



  • Module #2 - Finding Your Hidden Talents

       What does "hidden" mean? How to get 80% using 20 %?

       Who do you need to be in order to become successful? 

       What partnerships will help you grow?

       Learn to use your environment to support you

       BONUS 2: This portion includes a 45 minute personal reading.


  • Module #3 - Expanding Time

       When am I most productive?

       When to avoid risky activities and ventures?

       When to lay low?


      I will introduce you to the Chinese Calendar and together,    

      we will make your own personalized calendar. 


      You will know exactly what are your

     "AVOID" Days and your "FAVORABLE" days 

     When to use certain days to take action. 

       See the testimonial video on this page  


       At the end of the program, you will walk away with

      your very own unique and personalized 12 month calendar

      for 2021

      Using your strengths and resources coupled with a 

      personalized calendar is the beginning of creating a new reality.

      One where you can thrive and prosper. 

      One where you are on the driver's seat 

      It is a must under this economic conditions




  Would you like to create a life where you are in the driver's seat?

      What will that look like for you?





This is a $2,000 program

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FAST TRACK BONUS 1, 2, 3 & 4 

3 easy payments

of $349

Payable before each part of the program


Includes all Bonuses 

Note: Last day for a refund for BOTH PLANS is after the first class.

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*** These 2 options include a year long membership ***

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It is only available until midnight Sunday, October 18
Start 2021 ready and prepared!

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     The Process

  • After you register, you will receive an email with a set of instructions.

       Please allow about 24 hours to

       receive an email with the details.

  • You will be asked for your birthdate. Be prepared to include the hour if you know it.

  • You will be invited to join a private facebook group.

       Any questions that were not

       covered during the Q & A  session

       can be address in this forum.  




Refund Policy

If you are not satisfied with the class,

a refund will be issued to you.


Please send an email to veronicamontinola@lspfengshui.com.

Last day to request a refund is after the second lesson.

  • October 30th 

Refund request needs to be received by midnight, CST



The Chinese Astrology reading revealed my gifts and how to BE in this world.  Everything begins with relationship; with ourselves, others, the elements, and ever changing energy.  The monthly program informs where to focus and the right timing for best results.

Most valuable was the relationship astrology reading for me and my new life partner . Being in my 7th decade, I know this is the time to be clear, compassionate, and  harmonious within as well as with the outer world. The Chinese Astrology reading was very clear that we compliment each other in more ways than I could see on my own.

Knowing my personal blueprint brought a deeper understanding, and reverence for life and the beauty of creativity. The confirmation made taking action and moving forward inevitable  and life affirming

Karen Miller . Master Feng Shui Consutant 


I approached Veronica Montinola's Life's Simple Pleasures because I felt I was always going against energies versus riding the flow of energy.  I am in the business of helping families build financial wealth and freedom.  Every year, during the months of September, October and November; are our most fruitful months in helping families according to the mentors in our business.  During this time it seems as if I was always forcing things to happen and business didn't pan out.  My environment both personally and professionally felt as if there was more conflict than peace with disagreements and second-guessing decisions that could have had a negative effect.  After speaking with Veronica and taking her programs I understood that there were certain days, months, even years when to avoid, to relax, and put the fuel to the fire and work.  It turns out the months of September, October, and November were months that I should actually take a step back versus listening to our mentors and "pushing through adversity".  I found the experience with Veronica enlightening and now I understand that there is an easier way to do things that have already been written in the stars, more specifically within Chinese Astrology.  I would recommend any of Veronica's programs to people who need a specific plan for ease and clarity in their lives.​

Jonathan Bautista

Senior Managing Partner, World Of Wealth Group

Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 10.38.48 PM.pn

" I found Veronica to be an excellent resource when I am considering a partnership with someone in business. The information was extremely insightful, accurate and has become a very powerful guide for making good decisions in my business, The knowledge I gain from her insights factored greatly into my decisions. I highly recommend Veronica's services"  J. Coffel www.handinghope.org 


Feng Shui 

Chinese Astrology for 2021


Navigating 2021 

month by month

with  Energy Flow

December 2020 

to learn more,

look for videos 1, 2 & 3,

Disclaimer: At Life’s Simple Pleasure we strive to help you bring your goals to reality.

However, we cannot make any guarantees about your results. They vary according to your level of awareness, your actions and

the service you provide to others. 


The testimonials provided on this page are true for the people that wrote it. They are designed to inspire you to take action. 

I hope this program motivates you to have a deeper look into who you are,  use your natural gifts and propel you to take action at the right time so you can experience exponential growth.