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Your Best Direction

Are You A Boiling Frog?


The premise is that, if a frog is placed in tepid water that is brought to a boil slowly, it will not perceive danger and will be cooked to death.  On the other hand, if the frog is suddenly placed into boiling water, it will jump out.

A Real Life Story​

Sandie’s previous home “almost killed her”.  She never felt quite right in this home. Depression had set in after her best friend died. She lost 22 lbs in 2 months. She always felt bad at home. Doctors could not find what was wrong with her.  The process was painful and isolating.  She decided that she was not going to let circumstances take her down.

Sandie took matters into her own hands. At the age of 70, she made a bold move. She relocated to a new home.  Using information from my website, Sandie started incorporating her best directions.


Her previous house was not a “bad” house. It was just bad for her.

The Feng Shui Solution


With Classical Feng Shui, we can find our good and bad directions.  There are a total of 8 directions, 4 “good” and 4 “bad”.  It is (4) Yang and (4) Yin energy sectors. East or West groups are determined by your birthday. 

East group performs well using: East, Southeast, South and North directions.  West group performs well using West, Northwest, Northeast and Southwest directions.  When we align ourselves with our good directions, we perform better. We can maintain better health, relationships, opportunities and achieve personal growth.  Our “bad” directions affect those aspects mentioned above in a negative way.

How Important Are Directions in Feng Shui?


The importance here is that we can get knocked down constantly using our “bad” directions. Over time, we can start to look at life from a gray lens instead of color lenses. We can become pessimistic, cynical, hopeless and dull.


Worse, we can stay stagnant. We can make bad choices often based on our gray filter. More importantly, our progress in life becomes stunted.  If one has this kind of attitude in a “good” year, imagine what can happen when one encounters a “bad” year?

How Exactly Can Bad Directions Work?

For Sandie, the entrance to her old home was her “Harm” direction. In Feng Shui, the entrance is one of the most important aspects. It is the “Mouth of Chi”. It is where the main energy enters.


Her bedroom was located in the East, also a bad direction for her. In fact this one was the worst. It was her “sickness” or “life threatening direction”.  Good and bad directions have a degree of goodness and badness. For Sandie, her entrance and her bedroom where located in her 2 worst directions. 

This is an example of what can happen when the areas we occupy the most are not good for us. 


Why? Because this is where we spend the most time in. Sleeping accounts for about a third of our day. The more time we spend on a “bad” or afflicted space, the more we are under its influence. In general, we go about our day without being aware of its influence. Sadly, most of us have been conditioned to “accept the diagnosis”. We can easily become complacent like the boiling frog. 

Know that there are many other choices to create a better life for yourself. Using your best directions is like getting a better wi-fi signal in our devices. In Feng Shui, we are the device.


Chinese Astrology Influence

True to Chinese Astrology, she had reason to celebrate. She moved to her new home in March. Closed on her old home in May and by September, she finally had her health back. These where the best months for the Ox, her day animal. For 2017, the Ox had the ability to solve problems and she definitely put that to good use!  Aligning to your best directions is the first step anyone can do for themselves.

Your Life Star Number, also known as your KUA Number, helps to determine what directions are best for you. Find them here.  Your Life Star Number can also be found on your 4 Pillars of Destiny Chart

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