Veronica Montinola

Master Feng Shui Consultant,
Chinese Astrology,
Qi Men Dun Jia ( The Art of War )

There is a lot of confusion about the Art & Science of Feng Shui.

A popular method in the US focuses on color, clutter and cures. However, the classic teachings I learned with Asian Masters emphasize the use of the 5 Elements and the Natal Chart of a space.


I was fortunate to study both methods from several teachers.

I was blessed to travel to Asia to study other forms of Chinese Metaphysics from Master teachers and continued to manifest great opportunities in my life


Here are some of the ways I approach Feng Shui. It all starts from who you are.

As one of my teacher says:

"Chinese Astrology is the diagnosis, Feng Shui is the prescription"



  • A Compass Reading:  A starting point of any Traditional Feng Shui Reading


  • Floor Plan: Without an accurate floor plan, making adjustments to the energies is only guesswork. 


  • Lo Shu Square -  An  energetic map that looks like a grid divided into 9 squares.  When superimposed on the floor plan, the location of each square accurately depicts where the energies are.


  • Hong Kong Pie style -  Instead of using a grid, the energies are divided into pie sections. Very useful in locating specific energies.


  • Flying Star Feng Shui - An advanced method of using the Lo Shu Square. The natal chart of the house reveals the nature and quality of energies present.


  • Annual Energies - Every year, at the start of the lunar year, energies change and they can have a big impact in your life. Making adjustments to avoid or diminish bad energies is a great way to minimize losses. Enhancing the good energies and knowing what they are is a great way to live fully.   


  • Chinese Astrology - What year and element you were born defines the areas that are most beneficial to you and what your outlook or forecast for the present year is.


  • 8 Mansions Formula -  A very precise way to personalize the energy of your space.


  • Bagua - An octagonal shaped polygon that is represented by 8 trigrams of the I Ching. 

    A combination of broken and unbroken lines, each having a meaning that corresponds to a space, elements and people. Corresponding body parts and organs are also mapped in a traditional Bagua.


  • 5 Elements Theory - The Five Elements are: Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal. The Five Elements symbolize phases of time as well as seasons, shapes and colors that are applied in our living environment.


  • Yin and Yang -  A Taoist Theory rich in wisdom and  essential to the application of how energy works and interacts. 


  • Peach Blossom Star - An energy that enhances relationships, also used to help those looking to attract love.


  • Nobleman Star - An energy that enhances helpful people and mentors in your life.


  • Clearings - An excellent way to rid negative energies from a space. 


  • Blessings -  A form of transcendental cure and a cornerstone of BSEB Feng Shui, Black Sect Esoteric Buddhism.  Formerly called BTB or Black Hat Sect Feng Shui, nontraditional.


  • Cures - I use elements to adjust and enhance the energy of an area.


  • Crystals - If you love faceted crystals as well as natural crystals I suggest proper placement for them so they can enhance your space. When they are in the wrong area, they can activate the wrong energy.

  • Energy tools - I have some tools available. Their use is for the overall well being of the residents, protection from EMF, health protection, enhancements and cures. 


When there is Light in the Soul there is Beauty in the person, 

When there is Beauty in the person there is Harmony in the home, 

When there is Harmony in the home there is Honor in the nation, 

When there is Honor in the nation there is peace in the world.     



  - Old Chinese Proverb

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