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Feng Shui

Everything is energy.  


Feng Shui is the practice of enhancing and mitigating the energies of your environment to bring harmony in your life.    Contrary to popular knowledge, Feng Shui is NOT based on religion, superstition or cultural belief.   Feng Shui is a mathematical model of the Universe that takes time & space into consideration as well as the geography, the environment and man-made structures.


Classical Feng Shui gives us a system in which we can ascertain the quality of the energy in your environment, personalize it to the residents and use this information to upgrade the quality of your life.

After studying Feng Shui, I realized that we underutilize our environment. 

Even though our knowledge on wellness, mindfulness and nutrition has advanced considerably, our knowledge of the environment still needs to be incorporated to get a holistic approach to living a harmonious lifestyle. Feng Shui is an ancient practice that has been held secret for centuries and is now available to the masses. Classical Feng Shui represents the energy of Earth. The space we use on a daily basis that can affect our thoughts, actions, health and quality of life. 

Einstein said “The environment is the sole authority of the particle.” Has your mood, feeling or state of being changed when you entered an unknown space? In Einstein’s quote, we are the particle that reacts to the nature of the environment.


Dr Bruce Lipton, a cell biologist came across a case of father and son having cancer. This does not sound unusual except that the son was adopted.  They lived in the same home, therefore, they were both affected by their environment, or the “field.” Spaces have an energy signature that Classical Feng Shui can help us decode.

Energy exists all around us. They are in constant vibration and with time, they  eventually take physical form. We can become aware of the energies or our home or office by becoming familiar with the natal chart of the space. 

You can also follow the energies of the year for short term awareness to determine what spaces are favorable and what spaces are not favorable.  Knowing this simple information can determine the outcome of your action for the year. 

Classical Feng Shui is like having a GPS for life. As my teacher says: “Chinese Astrology is the diagnosis. Feng Shui is the prescription.”  Living is a precious experience and every thing we learn and become starts in the home. This is the space where we can design and make beautiful memories.


Can you see how your home environment is so important?   Even more so now, that people are working from home. If you work outside of your home, the nature of your home environment carries into your office. If the nature is capped or unsupported, so is your work.  

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