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Creativity is Intelligence having fun

                                            ~ Albert Einstein

I love creating, making and doing anything that would make a house feel like a home.  Changing the energy of a space can be challenging at times but the end result is always rewarding.


I started this journey when I was a single mom, I owned a home with a big yard.  My gracious dad came for a summer visit, fixing everything he could while I worked. Having him around was like having a "fairy godfather",  he worked on fixing the inside and as well as the outside of my house, including the yard.


During this visit,  my love for DIY took a deeper level of interest when he said "My dear, if men can do this, you can do this too".  It is as if he had given me permission to explore.  I started doing more projects and venturing to using some power tools as often as I could:  a drill,  circular saw, mitter saw, electrical sanders, rotary tools.... my projects grew from painting walls to redoing a kitchen and building simple tables.


So every once in a while, I will be posting some projects that may pertain to the subject at hand.

Please feel free to leave comments and suggestions.

Project #2: How to make a Table Runner


Making an accessory to balance the center energies for 2015

Step #1: Select your fabric.

I liked this pattern and colors; it had red, marsala ( the color of 2015) and triangular shapes ( fire energy) to balance the energy of wood for 2015. Fabrics can be found locally and in the internet for as little as $5 a yard. Upholstery fabric comes 54" to 60" wide.  You may use as little as 18" or 1/2 yard for this project.  However, how much fabric to get depends on the pattern. Tip: look at the pattern first and determine where your 18" looks best first before you cut . 

Step #2: Chose a border

Borders can be as simple as a ribbon, bias tape, a fancy uphostery trim or no trim.

For this project, I made my own bias tape.

The iron is your friend when it comes to folding and double folding edges and seams for a crisp look.

Marsala bias tape

I purchased a yard of fabric to make this bias tape. Fabric is cut on a diagonal, this way it frays less and stretches.  I cut about (5) 2" strips. They are folded in half, as shown and in half again to create a double fold. This creates a 1/2" edge. There are many youtube videos available with instructions on making this tape, joining strips as well as how-to fold the corners.

Tip: a rotary cutter is the best way to cut fabric after it has been pressed.

Step #3: Stitch

If the sewing machine is not your friend, there are other options!

* Liquid Stitch: dries overnight, it is permanet and washable, great for trims appication.

* Fusible tape can be used also provided the trim is at least 3/4" wide.  Be friend the iron for this option.

Step #4: The finished product

I made a second runner for the kitchen island also, since it is another area and "center" for gathering.

I had extra fabric to carry the theme over to the family room and enhanced the energy of fire in the South as well.

Project #1: How to make an outdoor Water Fountain


We all know and heard that water is an essential part of Feng Shui. The question is WHERE to put the water?

There are many different schools of Feng Shui and different advice a teacher or author may have on the placement of water. Through my journey and studies I have tried different locations for water fountains, indoor and outdoors.

In following the Traditional and Classical School of Feng Shui, I am placing my fountain in the East. Water in this area, will nourish the element of Wood (East).


This location also happens to be very timely for the energies of 2015. My water fountain location will enhance opportunities for our family.


1)  I selected a 50 gallon molded form from a local hardware store.

2)  Purchased a water pump with a fountain attachment,

3)  Water loving plants and fish.

Follow these simple steps.

Step #1: Choose a location

Step #2: Make a Template

Step #3: Dig!

Step #4: Dig 2nd level.

Measure, fit and fine tune.

Step #5: Assemble water pump and fountain following manufacturer's instructions.

Step #6: Fill water, test Fountain

and adjust as needed.

Step #7: Add plants, fish and lights - optional.

Step #8: Enjoy!

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