Join my Monthly Group and

allow energy to guide you Step by Step

so you can Create Harmony and Prosperity in your life

with proven Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology principles 

I created this group to help you navigate through life with understanding and awareness

of aligning yourself with energies.



By using these proven and ancient systems of Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology, 

you can unlock;

The Power of Anticipation, by knowing what to watch for.

The Power of Awareness, by knowing the opportunities that are present. 

The Power of Timing, when to take what kind of action. 

The Power of Relationships, because when relationships are not smooth,

the results are less than,  0 or worse, a move backward. 

You can become more useful and more effective when you know how you operate within the monthly Cycles of Time as well as your environment. 


Most importantly, this combination of Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology helps you recognize problems and see solutions before they become overwhelming.


By maintaining balance and harmony you think clearly, and create a better life for yourself. 


The membership group meets via Zoom on the second Friday of every month from 8-9 am, CST


If this time is not convenient for you, no worries, the sessions are recorded and available on a private page for you to access.




What are the benefits?


Gives you options - Energy changes every month, for better or worse we are subject to it. 

My suggestions will give you knowledge and awareness of the monthly changes so you can

have options to help you grow, not give up or stagnate.

Sometimes a small change is all you need to continue on your journey. 


Give you practical insights - Your space and your nature can be used as a tool and

solutions that can be applied immediately.

 An insight into space change is something that is missing from the self-help industry. 

 Having insights can give you clarity on the challenge you may be facing.

 Whether the challenge is personal or professional. 


Provide you with action tools - Taking the proper action is necessary to resolve a challenge. When we are in the midst of a problem, there are times when we cannot find a solution.

We simply do not know what to do. The solution sometimes may be to lay low…

Sometimes saying or doing the wrong thing could be very expensive, it can cost us a sale, a         

relationship or a partnership. 

   Some of the tools are:

    1. Engagement

    2. Letting go and refine

    3. Pause and appreciate

    4. Compliment and have fun

    5. Lead by example


     The membership grants you access to solutions for a fraction of the price -

     This is for you if you are on a budget and cannot afford a consultation

     You are a “do it yourself” person

     You already have an idea but would like more guidance

     You’d like to have a bird's eye view out of your challenge


This is a group meeting but you also have a chance to post your comment and questions anytime. 


If you have a question in regards to this offer, email me at


This is a limited time offer and I wanted to make it accessible to most.

Many consultants charge $400 and above for one hour’s work.


This membership offer renews on a yearly basis


This includes a monthly reading of your space, the shift in your personal energy, a forum for questions, a community and the ability to access monthly recordings at your convenience - anytime.












































                          "Knowing what the energies for the year are, has already helped us make a major decision                                            concerning our business.   It saved us from a lot of stress, aggravation & theft.

                           Thank you, Veronica, for helping us through this challenging times”          

                            Melanie JNB. CEO of KWIC





                        “Being in the group has given me clarity. Instead of getting really upset over my challenges,

                         I decided to focus my energy on being strategic instead”        BPB


 “My house faces north, where the worse energy of the year is. After learning this, I am making sure

the front of the house is shoveled and salted during this winter. I want to be more diligent about the maintenance to avoid any possible accidents”  Ms. Bellak. Ataraxia Wellness


"Through Veronica’s expertise in Feng Shui and Bazi reading, I learned that September is

a bad month for me. Looking back on my life, I realized that this was true. Even though

this is the month when we are supposed to be heavily active in our business, I decided to

slow down because I was getting frustrated and having a conflict with others.

Realizing this, gave me permission to slow down and become more efficient with my time.

Making this change, made may relationships better. Feng Shui and Bazi are a must in our lives”          

 Jonathan B. CEO of WOW Group




                        “I joined the group because I wanted clarity. I am self-employed and my time is limited,

                          I have  school age children.

                         I want to work using my time wisely and work smarter, not harder”

                          JC Handing Hope


"Through this program, I see the Universe as a new perspective and I learned real practical

Astrological approach. Your guidance helped me use Feng Shui step-by-step in my daily life.

I think this combinationis very useful in the business world. People should use the 5 elements

for team building and making important decisions. 

I am grateful to have met you because using this information has helped me make

a lot of progress"

KE Co-Founder Amu Nutrition   



Webinar for members only - The Year Energies in Your Personal Space 

                                                      Your Astrology for 2020

                                                      Elemental cures, location & dates

                                                      Your personal Favorable steps for 2020: what is THE

                                                      main thing you should be focusing on 




Note: A an accurate home floor plan is helpful for understanding of the energies ,

as well as your birth information




  • Video Conference twice a month via Zoom

  • Members only Private Community

  • (2) Q & A sessions to get your personal questions answered 

  • Members-only discount for services, like private consultations or strategy sessions. 

  • ebook guide for 2020, available in December 2019


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New feature for 2020: Guest speakers 

Learn from experts in different fields and take away tools to help you improve your life