My Story


As a young first time home buyer, I've been guilty of focusing my attention only on the interior of the house. 

The truth is that CHI or energy comes from the outside, not the inside. I was unaware of this fact.

It is the quality of the energy outside that comes in through the front door and windows that makes a difference.   


Our first home was my best Feng Shui teacher.  

Looking back with Feng Shui eyes, it had a lot of negative features that led to the demise of my marriage. 


I describe the negative interior and exterior features of this home in my new book

R.E.S.U.L.T.S. Real Estate Simplified: Unlocking Total and Lasting Success - A collaboration with other experts


Next buyers


Unfortunately, they suffered a similar fate.

The energetic ball kept rolling because nothing of significance was done to update or cleanse the energy of the home.


Although some cosmetic changes where done, this was not enough to clear the existing energy. 


After I received my Feng Shui training, I offered help free of charge.

At the time, their marriage had already suffered, but they were still together. 

However, they decided to seek others forms of counseling instead. 


The husband had become an alcoholic after suffering from loss after loss.

For him, as time went by it became harder to see light at the end of the tunnel.  


Their fate was forever changed when the husband took his life. 


This example is one of the reasons I am passionate about Feng Shui. My mission is to help others understand that by making simple changes they can avoid negative set backs and improve their life.


Life is meant to be fully lived and appreciated, it does not have to be difficult.