The Year of the Sheep

The Chinese New Year begins on Wednesday, February 18 at 5:47 pm CST and will be celebrated all week-end. It is the most widely celebrated and important traditional holiday throughout China and other Asian cities and countries worldwide.

Referred to as the start of the “Lunar New Year”, the beginning of the Chinese New Year changes every year because it is based on the solar/lunar calendar.

The element this year is Wood, the energy is Yin. It is a continuation of last year’s Wood Horse year, but with a softer and less fiery edge. It is predicted that this year’s gentler energies will have a lasting effect because it is setting the foundation for years to come.

The analysis below combines ancient formulas used in Traditional Feng Shui practice that takes the aspect of time in consideration. In Traditional Feng Shui, annual updates based on the yearly energy takes precedence over any other method. Like tax season, practitioners in Asian countries and communities have been busy getting their charts and clients ready for the annual change.

Based on my research and analysis, both Western Astrology and Feng Shui practitioners are in agreement that the energies will be stronger at the beginning of the year due to planetary junctions and eclipses. Astrologers have deem this year’s energy in one word: Expansion. In Feng Shui, that is the energy of Wood.

From the Feng Shui perspective, the GOOD NEWS is:

  • The Wood element symbolizes growth. Financial and economic growth will continue. There are great opportunities present to build wealth.

  • The element of Wood feeds Fire in the productive cycle. (See my blog on the Five Element Theory) This means that Fire related industries like energy, electronics, beauty, food, fire arms, and the military industries will continue to grow and improve.

  • Although there is still a lot of conflict in the world, communications will stay open through continued diplomatic negotiations. The sign of the Sheep is considered to be a natural negotiator and a diplomat.

  • Women will continue to advance in key leadership positions; political, corporate, high level management, entrepreneurial roles and world affairs. Women can start a new project they’ve been contemplating or continue one they already started. The return of the feminine energies is still in place and will culminate next year, the year of the Fire Monkey.

  • Men are poised to have a great year. There are great opportunities for improvement in relationship, studies, sales, travel and writing. A nice relief after having a tough time last year.

  • Healing communities are calling this The Year of Innocence. In order to continue our spiritual growth we need to let go of the old ways and start looking at life with the innocence of a childs eye. The element of Wood is the central theme in Feng Shui, this element also symbolizes the season of Spring. Imagine the buds, fresh light green colors and eggs hatching in the spring.

  • This year’s energy is poised for an abundance in learning through technology. There will be lots of online learning through workshops, classes and webinars. Use of the internet will grow exponentially.

Of course, not everything will be rosy!

  • The sector of accumulated wealth is mildly affected. It is important to be watchful for anything that may deplete your investments, benefits and retirement. You may start with taking care of your health. Use metal items to neutralize this energy.

Every year, there are some areas to watch for called afflictions, these are areas of negative CHI that should remain quiet and untouched. The top 2 areas are:

  • The Grand Duke of Jupiter or Tai Sui. This year, he resides in the Southwest, between 202.6 – 217.5 ( 15 degree area). It is important for anyone not facing this area in the Southwest, as this disrespects the presence of the Grand Duke. Change the position of your chair or pivot it if you cannot. It is best to have your back to the Southwest and have him as your guardian instead. In traditional Feng Shui the Southwest is the area for women. This means that there is a likelihood for conflict among women. Knowing this piece of information is very important, because it prepares us to be an observer and avoid being caught in the fire!

  • The second major affliction is called the 5 Yellow. This year it is located in the West, the Children and Creativity Area. That means there is a potential of injury and harm to children. Unfortunately, the recent violence against children in France is an indicator of this energy. A wind chime in the West or a metallic item is a good way to neutralize this energy, especially if this is your front door or a space you spend a lot of time in.

I hope this blog helps to prepare you for the year ahead. The Chinese New Year Celebration in Chicago’s Chinatown is Sunday February 22nd. The dancing dragon parade takes place from 1-2pm.

Best wishes for a great New Year!

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