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The Basics of Bed Placement Part 3: A Real Life Example

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

In Part 1 of The Basics of Bed Placement we discussed the very basics, the do's and the don'ts of bed location, the type of headboard and the height of the bed.

In Part 2 we went deeper into Feng Shui through the use of a very accurate formula from the compass school of Feng Shui. This formula helps us personalize our space by finding our best direction. Today we'll take these basic principles and apply them to a consultation.

I had a consultation with a couple who wanted to enhance their relationship, health and career. The couple were empty nesters and young grandparents who had enjoyed many great years together. After analyzing their home and questionnaire, I realized that the problem was due to the furniture placement in the bedroom, specifically the bed.

During the consultation, I found that the husband's arms, shoulder and upper back where always sore. It was painful for him to hold the arm up at shoulder height and he needed back surgery. The wife also had health issues, but she did not require surgery. When asked when their problems started, they looked at each other and realized it started manifesting shortly after they had moved their bed to the current location.

Their bed was placed so that their head was pointing at the window, and East. Their headboard was an open brass frame.There were three things working against them following the Feng Shui principles we discussed previously.

First was the location of the bed, it should not be placed by the window, there should always be a solid wall or headboard behind it. Second the direction of the bed, East was a detrimental direction for them. Third was the type of headboard. Because it was open, and backed up to the window, it did not protect them from the outside energies. Also, a metal headboard is not a preferred choice, since it is a communicating element. It is not conducive to rest. The metal was amplifying the energies they were exposed to in this case. I was amazed to see how this couple's life changed because of something so simple as the placement of the bed.

Without the protection of a solid wall and the combination they had working against them, they were vulnerable to the strong energy that came through the window as they slept. It took less than a year for that energy to set into the physical. After the consultation, the couple changed the bed placement and headboard. They were able to put down their guard and rekindle their relationship into the deeper level they had before. Once the relationship was better, their sense of security increased. Their lives improved tremendously, as they were able to rest better, and enjoy their relationship again.

Most of the time we don't realize how the placement of the bed affects us until problems manifest into the physical. I did not realized how important the placement of the bed was until I saw how my clients' lives were affected. The lack of rest can affect our entire life. Without restful sleep and without health, there is no joy and appreciation for life. The simple pleasures in life derive from appreciating moments we can be open to appreciate, they are little pockets in time that would otherwise be ignored by the routine of everyday life.

Start with a good and solid bed placement, and the rest will follow.

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