What is DIN-DIN?

Is Feng Shui a myth?

I met James and his fiance Wendy at a networking event. After we introduced ourselves, their ears perked up when I shared what I did.

This couple is all about doing things now. The term Din-Din is their family phrase that means: Do-It-Now, Do-It-Now.

During their Feng Shui consultation, we took action. We moved James’s desk and re-configured his office from top to bottom. I aligned James’s desk to his beneficial energies while following good flow.

His office was re-configured to mirror his goals. Whatever was not in alignment with his goals was removed. James loves music and that picture of Jimi Hendrix had to go elsewhere.

Instead, a motivational picture he already had, took center stage.

Wendy’s office was beautifully furnished, but clutter always found its way there. Even though the desk was placed correctly, something was amiss. She had invested a lot in her business but it just seemed to have a hard time getting off the ground.

By looking at the natal chart of the home, I suggested a good location for a water fountain. They took action and found a beautiful fountain that they enjoyed. Placing it in a specific location activated good energy. This location enhanced clear thinking and opportunities.

Feeling the energy change, they also placed another fountain by Wendy’s office and the results were worth celebrating.

Her phone calls where paying off, her prospects were calling back.

More importantly, she felt “in the flow” and comfortable enough to share information about her products everywhere she went.

She no longer felt held back and discouraged. Instead, she felt like success was within her grasp. Wendy received her biggest order ever.

James, a loan officer for a major bank, received a record number of loan applications. Never in his 20 years of banking had he received these many applications.

Being in the flow, allowed him to finish writing his book in 1 week. His book had been under construction for over 4 years.

Good energy follows goodness and lightness of being.

This couple, now married, works hard to achieve their goals. They both get up before the crack of dawn to work on their businesses. Writing their goals and praying is at the top of their list. This is an example of blending focused action with intention.

Meeting Wendy and seeing her beautiful smile and contagious way of being, one would never know that she buried a child and has the added responsibility of caring for 2 other children, one of them with special needs and wheelchair bound.

It was a privilege for me to be in the home of James and Wendy. They model a view point we should all embrace. That is to be at peace with the now and to design the future setting one goal at a time.

The truth is that Feng Shui can benefit everyone. But it works even better when we make a conscious effort and take action.


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