The Power of Fire

Fire is the strongest element in the US for 2018.

Recent events have shown the power of fire manifested in different ways.

Environmental Fire; the roaring wild fires in California.

Political Fire; explosions and unrest in the Middle East.

Gun Fire; manifested in various unfortunate shootings and explosions.

Financial Fire; with a new monetary value rising 1700%.

Man Made Fire; this kind of fire being the most culturally transforming fire of all. The one taking place in Hollywood, the media and Capitol Hill.

These and more, are signs of change in energy patterns for 2018;

the year of the Yang Earth Dog.

The end of the year is when energies are birthing and come in strong.

These events and the threat of nuclear attack appears that we are headed towards trying times.

However, they are signs and symbols of much needed change.

What can we do to deal with this reality?

We need to find a way to peace and harmony. There are many tools available for us now.

A positive aspect of experiencing these challenges is that it is making us prioritize.

Quality versus quantity becomes important in relationships and time with our loved ones. We can choose to spend our time in things that have meaning. Having a community becomes a priority.

The benefit of these challenging times is healing and rebirth. The ground is fertile for new growth. There can be more transparency, more room for women leaders and more respectful men.

In Chinese Metaphysics, the element of Fire represents certain values: dignity, helping others and civility towards other beings.

Let’s hope these recent fire related events around us sparks those values.

Children often teach us how to prioritize. As we navigate through the busyness of the holidays, Let this lighthearted story inspire you to find your inner fire;

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