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Why I don't use "Traditional Cures"

The Chinese and Lunar New Year begins every February. There are celebrations all around the world. The traditional Dragon and Lion dance will be honored at this time.

Chinese Dragon - New Year Celebration - Pixabay

Some of the things I hear a lot during this time of the year :

  • I already placed my Wu Lou, or golden calabash.

  • I am wearing red for the Chinese New Year, including new red undergarments.

  • My lucky coin charms are in place.

  • I moved my dragon figurines to the …

  • Where should I place my money frog?

Where do these beliefs come from?

  • The golden calabash is suppose to ward off illness.

  • Red is suppose to be an activating color for good luck and so are beautifully woven coin charms.

  • Dragons are a powerful and mythical figures in Chinese lore, a protector.

  • The money frog with the coin in his lip is suppose to bring abundance.

Years ago, when I was a Feng Shui enthusiast, I wanted to believe that these items worked. The truth is that these are objects that we give our power to because it is easier. If these items are not part of our decor or have sentimental value, they become clutter. There are many tools that we can use to design our life accordingly.

At its highest level, Classical Feng Shui and Chinese Metaphysics offers time and space

This is Classical Feng Shui. It is pure energy. With Classical Feng Shui we look at the location of the best earth energies of the year. Doing so, allows us to focus our actions & become more productive.

Time is money. When energy is our friend, we can achieve more in less time.

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