The Best Feng Shui Cure for 2018

The biggest celebration and the start of a new lunar year has begun.

The Chinese New Year started Friday February 16th. Statistics indicate that over 385 million people travel during this entire week. This is over 7 times the equivalent of our Thanksgiving travel in the US!

2018 marks the arrival of the Yang Earth Dog.

This new cycle comes with a shift of energy represented by a new element and a new animal. Each one represents an energy code.

The shift influences our space, the quality of our thoughts and our daily actions - whether we realize it or not.

Every space has good and bad energies:

  • Using Classical Feng Shui can help us assess the good and the bad energies of the year.

  • Assess whether our space can receive this yearly energy or not.

  • Sets the right ground for opportunities to come.

We need to plant the seed on this ripe ground for opportunities to grow.

What is the seed?

The seed represents our thoughts and the kind of actions we can take in order to have a better outcome. This is how we can manifest and create our unique form.

What type of seed (action) will grow well on this ripe ground (environment) is based on our personal Chinese Astrology.

Taking the right action while aligning ourselves with the right space is the best cure there is.

How far we get in life depends on the kind of strategies and actions we take.

Sometimes following the latest and the greatest trends will not yield the best results because it is based on general consumption. It is based on present market conditions that may only take us so far.

- What if there is a way to personalize the flow of your actions?

- What if there is a series of codes that are aligned with the flow of your energy?

- Is there a way we can stop from spinning our wheels, stop leaking unnecessary effort?

- Is there a way we can channel our actions for better outcome?

It may seem highly unlikely, but the answer lies in nature.

Nature always balances herself.

It is from the cycles of nature that these codes are written. At the end, nature always delivers.

Logic is a construct of the mind. Using only logic is not enough. We all know that the mind does not have all the answers.

Sometimes the mind can give us the wrong answers.

Sometimes it is things beyond logic that gives us the answers - Inspiration, Creativity or Spirit.

I learned that the best way to navigate life is by combining Feng Shui ( the ripe ground or environment ) and Chinese Astrology. ( the right seed or action )

Combining Feng Shui with Chinese Astrology and our actions can lead to a better quality of life.

In a larger context, one has a better chance of success. This combination is a concept called the Cosmic Trinity.

The components are:

Heaven - what we are born with, our astrological chart

Human - is our thoughts and actions

Earth - is our environment, Feng Shui

The Year of the Dog brings challenges to those that have the Dragon in their chart. This represents changes.

Depending on where the Dragon is in someone´s chart, the changes can be:

  • in the network of friends

  • in the work environment

  • with your parents or siblings

  • in your home environment or with your significant other

  • in your subordinates, are they harder to work with this year?

  • in your children

Knowing what area of our life may experience change, can help us be proactive and creative.

  • We can be better prepared to face our challenges.

  • We can ride this energy wave with grace instead of being smashed by it.

  • We can stand on firm ground, most importantly, knowing what it is can give us a chance to come up with a good solution.

YES… you too can create harmony and prosperity in your own environment.

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Wishing you all a prosperous Year of the Dog!

For more information on the year of the Dog, follow this link.

For information on Chicago area Chinatown Parade and other events, click here.

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