I was curious...

There have been many tributes in memory of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

This week marks the 50th anniversary of his assassination. Had he lived, he would have witnessed the massive change that he sparked in the world.

He made a big difference for this country and for future generations.

I was curious.... What does his Natal chart look like?

His Conception Palace shows him being born to a family that is in spiritual service to others.

His father was an ordained minister and his mother was a music director.

He became a tower of strength to those around him.

This is indicated by the red circles on the green highlighted DAY column.

There is Yang Metal on top and an additional metal element directly under the Monkey symbol.

The Yang Metal in his day pillar represents raw metal. Raw metal is a resource that needs to be shaped by fire in order to become useful.

The hardships ( fire ) that he endured helped fuel his movement.

His chart also indicates that he was blessed with powerful intuition. He worked relentlessly to turn his vision into reality. After many devastating experiences, he became aware of the responsibility. His generation had to change the future.

Born with a strong desire to help others ( metal ). He chose to become a minister. It offered him the best chance to serve humanity.

Hidden Stems

He found a way to tap into what is called “Hidden Stems”. These are qualities that can be awakened with experience or can otherwise remain hidden. By being a great orator, he became the voice of the people (HO).

He was able to express his humanitarian nature through words.

The Mentor

Nothing of significance happens without help.

For Dr. King, meeting Reverend William Hunter Hester was a pivotal moment. Dr. King met him while in Boston studying for his PhD.

Reverend Hester was a deep thinker and helped Dr. King shape his ideas.

Reverend Hester was born in the year of the Rat. The Rat forms a special combination with Dr. King’s chart. This combination forms a water structure.

Water rules thought.

Dr. King found his mentor.… They must have spent hours engrossed in conversation.

His mentorship shaped and sparked the fire within him.

There is a lot of fire element in Dr. King’s Life Palace. This was needed to make his ideas useful. The fire was within him, his inner force and yearning.

Without the element of fire, his call would not have been as strong. He could have remained a great orator and leader of his community without changing the course of history.

Great Alliances

Born in the winter month of January, the month of the Ox, made him successful at networking. He had a knack for meeting the right people. There where many who worked along side him to form a non violent movement.


1953 was the year of the Snake. It offered a him a chance for a love partnership. He married Coretta Scott. He was 24 years old.

Although he cared deeply for his family, their birth information shows that the marriage had no affinity.

1955 - A pivotal year

Dr. King became a national figure after the Rosa Parks bus incident. He also became the target of threats and bombings. Punishment for his actions and destruction is evident in his chart at this time of his life.

It was a tumultuous time.

1955 was the year of the Yin Wood Goat and the beginning of a new 10 year luck cycle for Dr. King.

The Goat formed what is called Clash and Punishment with his career, the Ox pillar. Things got very messy.

Luck Pillar

His new 10 year luck cycle meant “Destruction” for his career, the Ox, and “Punishment" for his social movement, the Dragon. 1955 started on a negative note with his career being in double “Punishment”.

The symbols on his year pillar and his new 10 year luck cycle where exactly the same. Earth Dragon to Earth Dragon. This is called Fu Yin, indicating an anticipated negative event.

Perhaps, this is when he knew that the end of his life was near but he had to go on.

“I have a Dream…”

His unforgettable speech embodies the essence of his being.

Looking at the bottom of his day pillar in the hidden stems, these symbols appear.

IR = He had a strong sixth sense, understood complexity

F = Friendly, persuasive and strategic

EG = He was a scholar and wanted the best life could offer to all human beings, no matter their ethnicity, gender, political affiliation and social standing.

Note: These symbols have other meanings, but these apply for Dr King’s case.

He fought to end injustice and bring the American dream to everyone. This speech became one of the finest in American history.

Dr. King’s life served an immense and insurmountable purpose. He fought against the establishment and more importantly, the mindset of that time. His actions helped change the laws that are still in place today.

Dr. King died on a Dragon day.

I am grateful he helped shaped a better America.

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