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The Gift of Rejection


A couple and small business owners were very excited! They found a space 3 times the size of their current space, for the same rent amount and in their neighborhood.

I was curious. The space had been empty for a couple of years. After more probing, I leaned that the previous tenant’s business had failed and the owner had taken his life.

That was a big red flag for me.

I wanted to help with their new space and volunteered my knowledge numerous times but I never heard from them. I understood that this was not for me to get involved, but a lesson for me to learn from. I became observant and watched their life unfold.

It has been 6 years. There has been more negative than positive results.

  • Loss of income, momentum, potential, ability to work and perform.

  • The negatives - bigger business debt, depression, 8 surgeries that resulted in large medical bills and a broken home.

  • To top it all, the partnership broke after the many challenges they faced.

For me, these were the lessons rejection taught me. Energy has no favorites. It does not discriminate. No matter how strong or vibrant we appear to be, sooner or later we become influenced by energy. The influence is subtle, but cumulative.

I am not meant to help everyone I meet. We all have a different mindset, timing and priorities. Respect other’s personal journey. A challenge may be a lesson they need to experience. Homes and buildings hold energy patterns that repeat themselves and become stronger. The divorce house, the sick house, the bankrupt businesses and

the empty warehouses remain the same until the energy pattern is interrupted.

Because energy is not something that we can see. It is hard to believe that we can be influenced. We can look at water as an analogy and an example. Water is clear, it can be seen and felt - water can slip into any crevice. During a strong rainfall, water always find its way into the smallest crack causing damage over time. It is the same with energy. Energy always finds the weakest link.

When there is weakness in any area, the influence of negative energy is very easy. Weakness is like leaving your doors unlocked. Unfortunately, life does not come with an instruction manual. We are given infinite choices to change the course of our lives. How can we choose wisely?

Make choices that are in the flow of our nature. Follow your intuition or your instincts. Be open to ask others around you for input. Does it align with your goals and who you are? Pause to see the bigger picture. Look at the pros and cons. Who does this decision affect and how? Test it. What are the results? Is there room for improvement?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the answer to life’s questions? Life can become simpler and better. One of the things most of us neglect is working with the energy of our environment. This is the missing ingredient.

For the example above, the couple was hit with the worst energies of the year 2 years in a row. With their business and home aligned in the same directions, that meant double the impact. There was no relief. They were physically and emotionally drained.Under their weakened state, it was not hard for the negative outcomes to materialize.

I believe that upgrading the energy in our environment is the key to grow and live a prosperous lifestyle. My wish is to raise awareness of the power our environment has on us. Writing has been a great tool to do so. If you know anyone who can benefit from this information, please share. Life is too short to live miserably.

In the meantime, live a joyous life and build wonderful memories!​

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