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A 200 Trillion Dollar Investment

Shelter is a basic human need. For many, your home has become your personal sanctuary.

One of the biggest investments in our lives is our residential property. Homes are collectively worth about three times as much as publicly traded shares according to The Economist, Nov 2021.

Home vs House

The term Home has a personal emotional connection. The word House has a practical and utilitarian perspective. Consider the possibilities in how Feng Shui can help you make a choice in your biggest investment. I know it will make a big difference in your life as it did for me.

Buying a Home is Mostly Based on Emotion

Buying a home can sometimes change our life in ways we are not expecting. Consider these 3 important aspects.

The History of the Home

To know who lived there and why they left is important. The history indicates what energy is present in the home. Beware if a home is sold because there was divorce, bankruptcy, mental or physical illness, or death. This home will need a major energy upgrade.

The Exterior Features

What do the roads look like? Are there water features near by? How is the neighborhood? Are there schools near by? What is the shape of the land? How are the neighboring buildings? What do you see from your windows?

How Does the Interior Feel?

Pay attention to your gut feelings the second you walk into the house or unit. You will know in the first few minutes whether this home is for you or not. Walk away if you feel uneasy.

Which Aspect is the Most Important?

Out of the 3 aspects above, #2 , the exterior features, is the most important. Why? Because what surrounds your property cannot be changed.

The history of the home and interior feel can be changed and worked with if you are willing. If you are looking for a home, consider the exterior features very carefully.

What Features are not acceptable?

  • In general, avoid a sloped back yard. This means lack of support and a difficult time getting ahead. This is also true with homes on top of the hill. It is lonely out there… It is also difficult to grow when your neighbors are taller than you, suppressing growth energy.

  • Not having a front yard for energy to collect

  • Sloped ceiling bedrooms

  • Avoid corner homes or those where the road comes into it either by a “T” intersection or a curved roads points towards the home

If you have a questions, visit our home page and choose your mode of contact. Stay tuned for next weeks blog, it is about setting up your office to work from home.

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