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Fashion: The Wood and Water Element

The fashion industry is continuing to grow. It is projected to reach 133.43 Billion by 2026 from 99.23 billion in 2022, according to the “Fast Fashion Global Market Report.”

Why is that?

In Chinese Metaphysics, every industry is represented by an element. The elements shift every year according to the energetic shift from one animal to next in the cycle.

The Elements for 2022

Back in December, during our annual webinar, we looked at Wood & Water as being the most prominent elements for the year.

2022 is the year of the Yang Water Tiger. Wood is present within the Tiger.

  • Wood is related to expansion, growth, renewal of resources, education, coaching, textiles, and fashion.

  • Water is related to trading, transportation, logistics, fast moving items and most importantly, it helps Wood grow.

National Fashion Day

Every year, Fashion day is celebrated on Jul 9th. Fashion gives everyone a chance to express themselves in a unique and personal way.

The Return of the Divine Feminine

This trend goes along with the progression of our new era, where women will experience progress. This can bring balance to both males and females. Thankfully, the old rigid roles for males and females are disappearing.

Wood is Growth and Expansion

The element of wood will continue to be present until 2024. Your efforts will pay off if you are in the Wood industry. There is no time like the present to maximize your returns.

This growth and expansion also applies to our mindset and intelligence. Although times are tough for many and in different degrees of difficulty in many parts of the world, as human beings we have creativity and the ability to transcend challenges and continue our soul’s journey.

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