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Friends are like Stars…

Good friends are like stars. You don't always see them, but you know they're always there.

Having good friends can keep us healthy and happy as we experience life.

Every year, many countries celebrate Friendship Day on July 30, promoting culture, peace and social harmony

Benefits of International Friendship Day

The United Nations endorses this day to contribute to social world peace and promote human interaction, solidarity through friendships, and cultural awareness. Friendship is the core and basis needed to build connections, trust, and aid.

The Good Life

A Harvard Study of Adult Development was conducted over a span of 85 + years, tracking the lives of over 725 men and their families from different walks of life. This is what they learned,

  • Social connections are really good for us because loneliness kills

  • Friendships can keep us happier, healthier, and living longer.

  • By the time we hit our 50’s, the quality of our relationships determines the quality of our life and our longevity.

  • Good friendships buffer us from physical and emotional pain.

  • Good friendships protect our brains, our memory is stimulated and works better as we age.

Those who fair best where those that leaned into their relationships.

What Does Your Chart Say About Friends?

Find a symbol or code “F” anywhere in your chart. That is the code for “friends”.

When you find the same element as your Day Pillar, it means you may be close to a sibling or your friends are like siblings to you. The closer they are to your Day Pillar, the closer your relationship with them.

When you learn to be close to your siblings, you can develop close relationships with friends and bosses, because everything is learned at home.


Friends can become your support team. Those long lasting and compatible friendships are due to what we call synastry. The easiest way to see this is if you have the same pillar(s) in common. Compare your friendship chart by clicking this link

Wishing all my friends near and far, a very happy International Friendship Day!

“The good life is built with good relationships and that is an idea worth spreading” ~ Mark Twain
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