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Headboards and Your Doorway

There is more to sleeping than meets the eye.

Sleep study is big business in the U.S. There are an estimated 3,000 sleep centers in the country

The CDC has called insufficient sleep “a public health pandemic”. According to, about 70 million Americans suffer from sleep problems.

Shift work, sleep apnea, heart issues, diabetes or sugar related issues affect a person’s overall performance, as well as safety on the roads. The affects of lack of sleep are staggering and costs can run high.

Feng Shui Can Offer A Solution

Bed placement is one of the most important things that you can do for yourself, particularly if you do shift work. In this “Ask Veronica” blog, I am answering an inquiry from Trey.

“Is it OK to place the head of my Bed along the wall of the door?”

The answer is NO. If the door opens from a corridor, hallway or stairs, your sleep will not be restful because those are areas of Yang activity. In order to get rest, you need a Yin area behind your head. Here's a recent example I can provide. t cohar t isf abovie, or nfollow dthe link . charyt is aboveo, or followu the link t.r ch chart is above, or follow the link to find yours. to find your. to find you. to find yo. to find y. to find . to find. to fin. to fi. to f. to .

A friend went on a romantic vacation with her partner to Australia. From the West Coast of the United

States that is at least a 20 hour trip, not counting layovers, delays, to and from transportation. Once they got to the hotel, they found their bedroom was set up with their head to the wall where the door was located. Not being aware of the energy potential, they decided to unpack. s

Well, their 4 days in this hotel was not fun. They did not get enough sleep and ended up having argument instead of enjoying themselves. Starting on the wrong foot every day made them very cranky.

What To Do Instead

If you are sensitive to sleep, request a different room, or, when scheduling your stay, request a room that doesn't have a headboard on the same wall as the door.

When you set up your bed at home, be sure your head points to a solid wall and you are able to see the door when laying in bed. This gives you distance from where the CHI or energy enters. It gives energy a chance to meander towards you rather than it coming straight at you. This makes a big difference.

Other Options

One of the best things is to have your head pointing to your health direction as you sleep. This is not always possible but it is worth a try.

What Is Your Health Direction?

Everyone has optimal and not so optimal directions. These directions can help your relationships, success, health, and they can also tell you areas to avoid. First, you need your natal chart. In the upper right hand corner, find your Life Star number. Also known as your Gua. This number opens the key to your directions. The best direction chart is above, or follow the link.

If your health direction does not work, use your Relationship or Personal Growth directions as other options. We do not recommend the Success direction for sleeping, you want to keep work away from your head when sleeping.

Thanks for your question, Trey. I hope this helps you find the best placement for your bed so you have

good rest. If you have questions for me, whether it is about Feng Shui or Chinese Astrology, please leave it in the comments or email me at

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