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National Clean Off Your Desk Day

The desk is a very important component of your office. We celebrate National Clean Off Your Desk every second Monday of January to welcome a new calendar and start a New Year with a fresh approach.


If you can, you should sit at your desk facing your best direction. If you cannot use your absolute best, use one of the other of our four best directions.

Avoid having your back directly to the door. or setting up your desk facing a wall.

Sit in a comfortable chair that has proper backing and arm support.

Be sure the space is clear, clean, and vibrant. Do not sit directly in the path of the door as the energies can be too strong and counter productive.


January, in general, is a good month to get organized and make your desk clean, clear, and vibrant.

  • Clear extra items that are taking up space, that no longer work or we no longer use.

  • Take this time to look at documentation and get them ready for tax season.

  • Do a thorough cleaning of crevices on and in your desk area. This accumulation of dust and dirt make your space feel heavy.

  • Clear dust and germs that have accumulated on your desk or keyboards. It is said that the keyboard is filthier than a toilet because it does not get cleaned often.


How you use your desk and how you place it, has a direct effect on your ability to bring more abundance.

Clutter lowers vibration and can inhibit the ability to create. Physical clutter can reflect a cluttered mind.

Clutter can keep us stagnant. When we are stagnant, we do not grow.

When we make positive changes, results follow. I helped my client reorganized his desk and he was happy to report that his sales increased 15% from the previous year.

In order to bring more into your life, making space for it should be at the top of the list. This starts with removing clutter.

We have designed a product to help you start a fresh new year

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