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New Age Parenting, Investment and Wealth

Parents Day in the US is celebrated the fourth Sunday in July. It is a chance to honor our parents for their support and guidance.

Parenting is difficult. Having children can test our skills, but also gives us experiences beyond what we would imagine - good or bad these experiences can expand our capacities.

Personally, I cannot imagine life without my children.

Parents are the Root of Family

Who we are today has been shaped by the influence of our parents. They helped us become independent and develop our personalities so we can function and find our place in society.

There are no written rules for parenting, everyone has their own style. However, as the world changes, we need to shift they way we approach parenting. 20 years ago, the motto was, “work hard and you will prosper”. Some parents worked long hours, had 2 jobs and the idea of acquiring multiple degrees was the norm.

However, with the explosion of technology, degrees are no longer as important. Experience and effectiveness are more useful now. As parents we need to teach our children that future success lies in the ability to deliver efficiently using technology as a tool and doing something that is fulfilling.

The Parent’s Pillar

The month of your birth represents the parent’s pillar. This is considered to be the most important one because it determines the strength of the self. The month pillar can either nourish or weaken the self pillar.

The relationship between the self and month pillar determines the quality of relationship between parents and children. Understanding this relationship can be liberating, particularly when this relationship is challenging.

Children are the Future

The Chinese see children as an investment because the children’s pillar also represents projects, investment, and future assets. Not every chart is perfect. Our charts are based on our birthdate, it is a date that cannot be changed. Therefore, learning to understand it and use it is essential.

The Month Pillar is the Wealth Pillar

Isn’t in interesting that what we learn as children and the family environment we grew up in determines our wealth capacity? This is understanding our family dynamics and home environment is important.

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