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September is Hispanic Heritage Month

We celebrate Hispanic Heritage in the US from September 15 to mid October, culminating Columbus Day weekend.

This celebration is aimed at recognizing and celebrating the diverse culture and contributions from neighboring countries in Central & South America.

A Growing Population

The Hispanic population is the second fastest growing population in the United States, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. They make up approximately 20% of the US population.

Common Characteristics

There are many similarities between the Native Hispanics and Native Asian people. For one, they have similar physical characteristics. If you placed a Mayan, Inca, or Tibetan person together dressed in the same garments, it would be difficult to tell them apart. They were all advanced ancient cultures with rich history and knowledge that we are still learning from today.

Greatest Accomplishments

One of the greatest accomplishments they have in common is the invention of the calendar.

The Mayans had a system of calendars and the Incas had a solar and lunar calendar just like the Chinese. Most of it was used for agricultural purposes, but also for making important decisions.

The Timekeepers

The Ancient Ones were known to observe the skies. Calendars measured the movement of the Sun, Moon, and stars as seen on Earth. This led to organizing cycles for planting, harvesting, religious activities, rituals, and building activities. These skills were invented and used centuries prior to the Western culture.

Time is Sacred

Another commonality between these calendars is the use of cyclical time. The Mayans saw time as sacred and worthy of respect because time is related to the natural forces on Earth and the sky.

The Chinese Calendar is also based on the natural forces of Earth, moving planets, 28 constellations, the Sun and Moon. The Chinese calendar measures cosmic time, as each day represents one of the 5 elements. In ancient times it was also used for strategy in state and military matters because winning wars was important.

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