Signs of Transformation


Does growth have a sound?

Growth is different than progress

Progress is when we as human beings build or invent

Progress happens at a cost of something else

Growth is different, it happens naturally the way nature intended

Growth happens regardless of whether we decide to take part

Spring comes after winter and winter comes after fall.

A baby becomes a teen in no time. We get wrinkles, we become older, kids go off on their own …

Where did the time go?

Just like growth, time can slip through our fingers, so does energy.

Energy is around whether you participate or not. A shift sometimes goes unnoticed.

It is often after the fact that we wonder why we did not notice?

Why we chose X instead of A

Why we did not act sooner? or take action?

Why did things not go our way?

Playing it safe is not always the best thing to do

I learned that there is a cycle for growth and rest. This is the model of Yin and Yang.

It manifests in the years, the seasons, the months, days and hours

The Nature of Yin

Yin is calm, peace, slow, inward, passive… it is the feminine nature of things

When we create, write, compose, study, relate, wonder, meditate…. we do this in a Yin state

Intuition is Yin, it is often a gentle and subtle voice inside of us.

Yin compares to the foundation of a home and the unseen or hidden elements,.

Yang are the accessories that give it color and personality.

Most of us operate from a Yang perspective. We’ve been trained to follow rather than create

What if?

We can anticipate rather than be surprised

We can plan our actions in advance

We stop spinning our wheels

We can stretch time

We can spend more time with our loved ones

We can find happiness

How can we apply Growth and Transformation in practical ways?

By measuring time and its quality.

We are undergoing big shifts at this time that are nudging us to become creators of our life.

The best tool is the Chinese Calendar

Time in the Chinese Calendar is a system that allows you to anticipate the what, when and how?

There is no need to spin your wheels any longer…

You can get instant results

Like Erin did


You can turn your life for the better , like Jonathan did

He rearranged his work schedule after learning timing was not working for him and his wife.

Business was difficult, appointments where challenging and relationships where frustrating...

Jonathan's life became a lot more balanced and successful after he made the change. Growth became easy after the noise quieted down.

Growth & transformation happens when there is peace and quiet. When there is ease, things manifest for the better

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