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The Dog in 2023

The Dog is eleventh in the Chinese Zodiac. The Dog is the Tiger and Rabbit’s best friend. So 2023 is a continuation of 2022, things are even better 2023. The Dog can appear in the month, day, hour and year of your birth chart.

Dog Years

1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018

Note: In Chinese astrology, “Years” are based on the solar calendar beginning around February 4th. If you were born in January of a given year, your year animal is from the previous year. Use the link above to verify

2023 Outlook

The Dog has an exciting year for 2023. As the Rabbit’s best friend, it can enjoy opportunities to connect with powerful and higher-ranked people. Rubbing elbows with VIP’s can help, provide support and provide valuable resources to help with present and future endeavors. How can you take advantage of this energy?

Career 2023

If the Dog falls in your month or year pillar, you can encounter important people through work or in your industry. Be proactive and helpful. Offer solutions and build connections that can eventually allow you to grow. Have a strategy.

Best Months

February, March, June.

Note this is based on solar months that start and end between the 4 or 8 of the month.

Health Outlook

Choose your actions and your people wisely. Avoid getting involved in negative situations that can linger for a long time that can bring stress in your life.

See you next week for the energies of the Pig, the last animal in this series.

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