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The Monkey in 2023

The Monkey is the ninth animal in the Chinese Zodiac. 2022 was a tough year for most Monkeys, especially the Fire Monkey.

If you have the Monkey in your chart and did your part to continue to improve yourself despite the challenges in 2022, then you can be prepared for the rewards 2023 has in store for you.

The Monkey can appear in the month, day, hour and year of your birth chart. Click here to get your Natal Chart.

Monkey Years

1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016

2023 Outlook

2022 was the year of change for the Monkey. Every 12 years the Universe gives us a chance to reinvent ourselves and make a shift. If last year was challenging for you, what will you do to emerge anew in 2023?

Career 2023

Emerging from a year of change brings the opportunity to rebrand yourself. This means redesigning the way you show up in your business, work, or personal style.

Redesigning yourself means being open to experiences that will awaken new awareness. This experience can come from any of your senses. The light bulb can go on bringing profound shifts that others will notice. Set goals and act quickly.

Best Months

April, May & December

Note this is based on solar months that start and end between the 4 or 8 of the month.

Health Outlook

Stay away for temptations that can distract you from your goals and bring stress in your life. Stay disciplined and on target. Others may be eyeing what you have and will easily take it away if you are not focused.

See you next week for the energies of the Rooster.

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