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March 2021 | The Month of the Rabbit 2021 Outlook

March is the month of the Rabbit. Recent events have brought more instability into the general outlook.

Weather has been colder than expected, snow has caused power outages,

many Texans may experience food uncertainty and prices continue to rise.

Small problems may escalate to big ones.

We need to pay attention to the trends, see what can affect us and take care of things right away. It is in times like this when having a stable community is important. Enlisting the help of friends and family can bring relief and a sense of safety

In 2020, I advised my readers to invest in Silver, Gold and bitcoin.

They are either no longer available or prices have risen at least 5x

This trend indicates that there is a general feeling of scarcity and investors want a safest outlet.

For the Rabbit, this means concentrating on long term goals and build a new foundation

One way to accomplish that is to learn something that can bring more value for the future. Everything is becoming faster, quicker and more convenient. How does your role fit in? What improvements can you make?

This is what this month’s energy is bringing us.

Worst sector for the month is the Northwest. It can affect the patriarch of the home

Be wise and conservative with your investments. Loss can occur if you are careless

The Southeast is the worst area of the year and it mostly affects young girls. Pay extra attention to their mental and physical well-being.

Best sector this month is the South. If you are looking for partnerships/ joint ventures, use this area more often this month.

Use this area to engage in happy and important conversations.

Words are powerful. Use them to create a new world, rather than destroy them.

Make a difference by having good conversation and using your words wisely

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