The New Paradigm

Since ancient times, the subject of knowledge vs experience has been debated for its meaning and purpose

Knowledge delivers information. Experience enhances skills

Knowledge appeals to the brain. Whatever information our brain receives may not make the impact experience can, because experience appeals to the body and the emotions.

The body and the emotions work hand in hand to retain the information.

According to the Chinese Calendar, we are ending a big cycle.

It is the cycle of knowledge, we know it as the information age

We have so many sources of information now, it is overwhelming.

Experience takes time.

My teacher says that experience is the most important part in a person’s journey of self mastery. I could not agree more.

Experience and Knowledge are both important, they go together and enhance each other hand in hand.

We are entering a new cycle, It is the cycle of experience.

One where we can be fully present and aware of who we are.

One where heart centered experiences will becomes important

One where we will learn to shift from the inside

This is a time in history where it’s not enough to know.
This is a time in history to know how.
Dr Joe Dispenza

If you are interested in learning more about the time cycles and how this shift will affect you, visit this link.

The shift is just beginning...

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