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The Rat in 2022

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Today we begin a blog series aimed at bringing awareness to the the good and bad opportunities every animal will experience in 2022, the Year of the Water Tiger. The solar cycle is used for Chinese Astrology and in 2022 it starts on February 4th.

We start with the Rat because it is the first animal in the Chinese Zodiac. In 2022, anyone with the Rat in their Natal Chart will need to look for external help and opportunities. Rat can appear in the month, day, hour and year of your birth chart. Click here to get your Natal Chart.


2022 Outlook

Those with the Rat in their chart, especially the year, month and hour have the opportunity to attain abundant financial rewards. Being level headed and steadfast, rather than rash and emotional, will ensure good decisions. Start planing now, December is the month of the Rat. Implement and take action in May

Career in 2022

Having the Rat in the Month Pillar affects your career. This is not the time to make careers changes. It is best to avoid big changes and remain conservative. Being a Rat comes with responsibility this year. Pay attention and be thorough.

Health Outlook

Guard your health. Stay away from activities and places that are risky. Leave bungee jumping for another time. If you are entertaining or having company, set times and boundaries, if you don’t want them to overstay their welcome.

See you next week for the energies of the Ox.

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