The Rise of Female Heros

Movies have the power to stimulate and influence our thinking. Movies set trends.

There has been an increasing trend featuring strong women.

Having women as heroes is a trend that has been happening for the last few years in Star Wars and Disney movies.

Movies are a subtle way to inspire and empower young girls to balance our masculine society.

The future belongs to period 9. It is about young women making a difference.

The current period is 8 which started in 2004. A younger generation of men made an enormous difference in the knowledge and technological fields changing the way our society operates.

The information age exploded. This was due to the innovation and creativity of young men. Making them the world’s youngest billionaires as this magazine article explains.

As the periods are shifting and transforming, we are seeing the fall of old patterns, systems and ways of being that don’t serve the common good.

Instead, we’ll continue to see new developments aimed to help each other through humanitarian ways while making better use of our natural resources.

Period 9 is a call to become more authentic.

Change is inevitable. We will experience major shifts in the next few years.

Now is the time to nurture and encourage our young women to grow up learning to make the right choices and decisions. To do away with old societal and cultural roles that would otherwise not keep them in equal standing as the young men.

Cheers to our young ladies!

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