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The Snake in 2023

The Snake is the sixth animal in the Chinese Zodiac. In 2023, anyone with the Snake in their Natal Chart will be on the move.

The Snake can appear in the month, day, hour and year of your birth chart. Check your natal chart to see if Snake is in any of the pillars of your chart.

Snake years

1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013

Note: If you are born before February 4, you are the animal of the previous year. Use the natal chart link above to verify.

2023 Outlook

2022 may have slowed you down and that stored energy needs a place to go! 2023 is a year of expansion so this means being on the move.

Be willing to visit places you have not before, so you can continue your growth, meet new people, and perhaps have an experience that will awaken something within. Take time for trips, even short ones. Embrace new subjects because these experiences will contribute to you expansion and growth. Without them, frustration can set in, don’t fall into bad habits and isolation.

Go ahead and plan the places you will visit in 2023.

Career 2023

Expansion in career means gaining new territories, offering new services or products, and making money from activities that include traveling. There is no need to worry because support will come to you through your contacts or random strangers. Be open and aware of subtle connections that will give you an insight into any situation.

Best Months

January, August & September.

Note this is based on solar months that start and end between the 4 or 8 of the month.

Health Outlook

Take care of your mental and emotional health. Be aware that not everyone will be on board with your expansion plans. Don’t let this stop you.

This is not the year to coil yourself in isolation. Find other like minded friends instead of isolating yourself. Don't forgo the benefits that come with expansion.

Avoid gossiping, as this may put you on a negative and lonely path. Seek new experiences instead.

See you next week for the energies of the Horse!

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