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The “Solar Term”

Rachel asks:

In your blogs and newsletters you often use the term “solar” - can you please explain what this means?

Timing is Everything.

Time is measured in cycles and time is an important component of Date Selection in Chinese Metaphysics. Solar time is used in Advanced Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology

Gifts from the Universe

Master Yau said that a successful person is not necessarily smarter, work harder or have the best education. A successful person has 2 conditions that others do not have.

#1 - To always act on the right timing

#2 - Having good energy around them to support their endeavors.

How to Know When it is the Right Time?

The solar term is a cycle that follows the Earth’s orbit around the Sun. In the old days, the Solar cycle was inclusive of the Emperor and the high courts for action related matters. Everyone else was not privy to this information.

The Solar cycle is used widely used in the Chinese calendar/almanac and to personalize dates for a variety of activities: business success, medical, academic, and personal endeavors.

The Heaven, Earth & Human Connection

Selecting the right time includes 3 factors:

  • Heaven: The things you came with and cannot change. This uses your natal chart with the solar cycle.

  • Earth: The conditions or energy in your environment need to be positive.

  • Human: Your intentions, actions, and choices need to be in alignment with your capacity.

When those conditions are present, success happens. As many of my clients have experienced and continue to.

We offer a program each fall that teaches the basics of Date Selection and using the solar cycle calendar. Look for our announcement in the next few weeks.

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