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The Year of the Goat

Gentle, shy, amiable, and mild-mannered, Goats are very creative. While they enjoy spending time deep in their own thoughts, they also enjoy a large group of friends. However, they don't strive to be the center of attention. They are content to be surrounded by those they care about.

Goats enjoy fashion and the finer things in life. They look polished and gentle on the outside, but on the inside they are tough and committed to their decisions.

Goats were born in the years of 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, & 2015. Goats are also known as Rams and Sheep.

Goat & The Five Elements

The five elements are also part of the different Goat birth years. In Chinese astrology, all

the elements have an interdependence on each other and there is no hierarchy. As one element wanes, another waxes. This teaches us how to find balance, and how to manage change. Each different Element Goat has these additional traits attributed to them.

Wood Goats were born in 1955 & 2015. Dynamic and talented, Wood Goats can be a bit uptight. They like being independent, have sympathy for those in need, and can be overly cautious. They are stable in love relationships and appreciate loyalty and faithfulness.

Fire Goats were born in 1907 & 1967. Capable and decisive, Fire Goats are honest, morale and straightforward. They tend to be stubborn, they can be rebellious youths but make good, reliable friends. Fire Goats are lucky in love and quite the rich love life. Don't get married too early!

Earth Goats were born in 1919 & 1979. These individuals love to learn and get lost in their thoughts. Outspoken, Earth Goats need to learn to think a bit more before speaking. Having a good relationship with their parents and senior family members, Earth Goats will also do well in love, having sweet and harmonious relationships.

Metal Goats were born in 1931 & 1991. Don't underestimate Metal Goat! They may seem timid and shy, but they are ambitious, responsible, and far-sighted. These individuals are faithful, and treat every one and every thing with fairness. Lucky with wealth, however you define it.

Water Goats were born in 1943 & 2003. Peace lovers, Water Goats are friendly and honest. Popular, they are reliable, warm-hearted, never steal another's thunder, and genuinely wish to help others. Emotional and sensitive when in love, make sure to keep your love and alive.

Yin or Yang

Goat is a Yin sign. Yin represents earth, femininity, passivity, and absorption.


The best matches for Goat are with Horse, Rabbit, and Pig. With Horse they have found a soul mate. They know each others minds well, and have the same notions and goals. They support one another unconditionally, which will lead to a long, satisfying relationship.

Rabbit and Goat are made to be a couple. Both are romantic, their complimentary personalities will make life happy.

Goat and Pig will always take care of one another. As both are willing to compromise, this is a sweet, everlasting relationship.

Famous Goats

Famous Goats include Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, George Harrison, Katherine Hepburn, Kurt Cobain, Mick Jagger, Christopher Walken, and Reba McEntire.

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