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The Year of the Rooster

People born in the Year of the Rooster are known for their punctuality, their outgoing personalities, and their persistence. Smart, amusing, and impatient, Roosters are loyal people. They enjoy groups, parties, and activities that are team centered.

The tenth sign in the Chinese Zodiac, Rooster's are full of charm. Talkative, honest, and outspoken, Roosters are used to being heard and don't like being ignored.

Roosters were born in 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017, 2029.

Rooster and the Five Elements

The five elements are also part of the different Rooster birth years. In Chinese astrology, all

the elements have an interdependence on each other and there is no hierarchy. As one element wanes, another waxes. This teaches us how to find balance, and how to manage change. Each different Element Rooster has these additional traits attributed to them.

Earth Rooster's were born in 1909 & 1969. Steadfast and calm, Earth Rooster's are also dynamic and active individuals. They have sharp insight, are talented, have a good reputation, and are reputable. In love, Roosters are charming, faithful, and are fully devoted when in love.

Metal Rooster's were born in 1921 & 1981. Realistic, prompt, and good at expressing themselves, Metal Rooster's are cool and calm under stress. These individuals have a high degree of integrity. Upright, having a strong will, they cannot be easily frustrated.

Water Rooster's were born in 1933 & 1993. Water equates with emotions and for Water Rooster's this means a love of sharing their emotions. These talkative fowl can be too outspoken and need to learn how to express themselves more diplomatically. Water Rooster's are complex. Sometimes they prefer to be alone and enjoy the quiet, while at other times they are dynamic and active.

Wood Rooster's were born in 1945 & 2005. Easy going, kind, and thoughtful, Wood Rooster's are always looking forward and striving towards their next goal. Very punctual, these individuals need to create a budget and adhere to it, as they love to spend their income, often to their detriment.

Fire Rooster's were born in 1957 & 2017. These individuals love their personal privacy. Their friends are well-chosen and of quality, not quantity. Fire Rooster's love their freedom and hate to feel restrained. They are courageous, punctual, independent, and proud. Despite their need for freedom, Fire Rooster's will have a romantic love life.

Yin or Yang

Rooster's are Yin energy. Yin energy is feminine, restorative, and relaxed. The moon has Yin energy.


Roosters match best with Ox and Snake. Both signs are highly complimentary with Rooster. However, Ox and Snake will have to be the ones to start the steps to resolve conflict, because Rooster will not.

Famous Roosters

Britney Spears, Bob Marley, Dave Grohl, Benjamin Franklin, Leonardo da Vinci, Jay Z, and Mariah Carey.

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