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The Year of the Tiger

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Those born in the Year of the Tiger are courageous individuals. Active, these people love a good challenge and adventure.

Generous, enthusiastic, and self-confident are also traits of Tigers. These souls have a sense of justice, as well as being vigorous and ambitious. Tigers have a strong desire to help other people for the greater good of mankind.

Cheerful individuals, Tigers have an independent nature and love their freedom. Some may see these traits as rebellious, and truth be told, some Tigers are. Tigers have a single-minded focus that may be off-putting to some, especially if their feelings are being disregarded. As Tigers learn to love and accept themselves, they need to expand their thoughtfulness outwards.

Tiger birth years are 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022

Tigers & The Five Elements

The five elements are also part of the different Tiger birth years. In Chinese astrology, all the elements have an interdependence on each other and there is no hierarchy. As one element wanes, another waxes. This teaches us how to find balance, and how to manage change. Each different Element Tiger has these additional traits attributed to them.

Fire Tigers were born in 1926 and 1986. Talented, strong-willed, earnest and meticulous, these Tigers are

generous to a fault. Lifelong students, these Tigers are family oriented and enjoy family bliss. While Fire Tigers typically never have to worry about wealth, they do need to pay close attention to their health.

Earth Tigers were born in 1938 and 1998. Natural entrepreneurs, Earth Tigers are generous and helpful. These Tigers make it a habit to help other people. They are very kind and make excellent friends. Earth Tigers will have a life of good luck. These individuals are natural leaders and command attention. They need to be careful of not coming off as arrogant when in their work element.

Metal Tigers were born in 1950 and 2010. Naturally rebellious, they also like to assume the title of leader. While they are not afraid of power, Metal Tigers also hate to see other people suffer. They will use their leadership power to assist others. Wealth is not an issue for Metal Tigers, however, they do tend to be gullible so they should not gamble or invest in unstable ventures.

Water Tigers were born in 1962 and 2012. Water Tigers like a quiet, peaceful life and enjoy having a family. Water Tigers are here to learn patience and that nothing comes quickly, but with diligent hard work. These Tigers need to listen to their own counsel, as other people's advice is often off-putting.

Wood Tigers were born in 1974 and 2034 will be their next birth year. Eager and motivated to learn, these individuals have excellent memories. These Tigers thrive in creative and innovative fields. Wood Tigers have a good financial future and receive unexpected wealth. They should learn to avoid arrogance, or it will negatively affect them.

Yin or Yang

Because Tigers are active individuals, they are Yang. Yang energy is giving, logical, and masculine.


Different signs of the zodiac work better together than with others. Tigers are very good romantic partners, though some might find them too enthusiastic. Tigers are most compatible with Horse, Pig, and Dog. They are lease compatible with Monkey and Snake.

Other Tiger Information

Time: 3 AM - 5 AM is the optimal time of day for Tigers. Use it to your benefit by implementing something important at this time. The release of a blog, starting a social media account, sending an important email, etc.

Month: February is the Month of the Tiger.

Famous Tigers include: Marilyn Monroe, Tom Cruise, Queen Elizabeth II, Leonardo DiCaprio, Steve Irwin, Stevie Wonder, Lady Gaga, and Bill Murray.

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