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Using Salt As a Cure For Your Environment

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

The Salt Cure is a popular way of neutralizing negative energies in your space. If your bedroom, office, home/office entrance or any area that you use daily is in an afflicted zone, it is important to place a salt cure every year. Without it, the energies of the home are out of balance.

I have a client who became a great believer in this cure. Her front door was affected by the energy of Illness. Being in the medical field, she did not place the cures in place at the time. Not having the salt cure in place got the entire family of 6 infected by this illness. They all got mouth and hoof disease. She now uses this cure every year and never misses it.

Using the salt cure avoids the loss of time, resources and aggravation.

Those that are dowsers can test the space before and after placing the cure. See for yourself and experience how the energy of the area changes.


Salt has been used as a cleansing ritual since ancient times. It is also a curing element in meats and foods. Salt has the ability to absorb the negative and low energies in the body. If you have taken an epson salt bath, you know it can leave us feeling fresh and pure. Using salt in the garden can help yield a bountiful harvest. And Salt caves have been proven to cure pulmonary, neurological and other health problems.Salt is a powerful mineral. Using salt can help "cure" your environment. It can help tackle energies that can cause illness and bad luck.


  • 12" tall jar or vase

  • Table Salt. Enough to fill your vase ¾ full.

  • 6 Chinese coins, quarters, or other similarly sized coins

  • Water

Fill your mason jar ¾ full of table salt. Then place your metal element face down around the top of the salt. Fill with water.


Every year the salt cure is placed in the most challenging direction of the year. These are some of the best practices for placement.

- Place uncovered in a corner area of the room behind a larger item

- Place it where it is not be visible due to the unsightly effect of the jar

over time

- Place it in a area that may not be accessible to small children or pets.

- Be sure to refill water regularly

- Do not place it inside a cabinet. The cure needs to absorb the energies of the room. The room's energy will dictate how fast you'll see crystals forming along the rim and sides of the jar

- It usually takes about a week or 2 to see the effects

Waterispose of the cure at the end of the year.r

Do not attempt to recycle the jar or any of the items when you are done.

Note: If the South and Northwest areas of your home fall under a closet, bathroom or storage area, there is no need to use the salt cure.

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