When Little Things Amount to Big Things

It has been a crazy week in the financial markets. Economists estimate that 6 trillion dollars have been lost due to the scare of the corona virus.

It is amazing how a minuscule particle that is unseen to the naked eye can disturb every aspect of our life causing this heightened reaction.

Our society has taught us to pay attention to the big things but it is often in the small things and the sequence of events where the big opportunities for change exists.

It is in the little details and steps we take that life can take a significant turn.

Some examples of little things at work:

When you meet someone new, it is the handshake or the smile that delivers certain “vibe”. This can be the beginning of a relationship. We can decide whether we like someone or not based on this little detail.

When you enter any space, it is in the way it “feels”. Whether it is a restaurant, institution or a home, we can decide if we want to stay or not.

Getting sick starts with minor symptoms. A headache, a sore throat, a sleepless night, feeling irritable can eventually lead to a health imbalance causing illness.

Any significant action starts with a 3 letter word. As in “Yes, this is what I want” or “Yes, I will marry you”

To get going, you start with “one step” at a time. You can always alter the direction but it is said that the journey starts with the first step.

The year of the Yang Metal Rat is known to be an emotional one.

Old paradigms and way of thinking are being tested and eroded to give way to something new.

Adapting to new ways means looking for small details and significant ways to continue to grow.

Here are 5 ways to make little things count in 2020 and the role energy plays in it.

  • Awareness that nothing is fixed. When things shift, it teaches us to not take things for granted and to be observant. Every year there is an energy shift and a cycle of new energy. Being aware of this new pattern, it can become our map into a new journey

  • Realizing that mindset is very important. You are the hero of your story. The quality of your space affects the way you think. The quality of your environment supersedes which animal you have in your chart. In the end it is about what you do with what you have

  • Choosing good habits to embrace. Be realistic and make a list of what you can do. Your Natal Chart can give you a clear picture of what is optimal for you

  • Be disciplined and follow thru. This also means surrendering to a new journey. When you understand the reasons why

  • Gather support. It is easier when someone else or a group of people are walking a similar path. Who or where is your community

The problem often manifests when we are not willing to be open minded and we reject everything around us. Life has its way of bringing those things we dismissed to our attention multiple times until we get the lesson. I notice that every time it comes back, the lesson becomes stronger and louder.

For 2020, knowing what you want is the big vision of where you want to be, it is your goal. Following with the little things and steps that get you there will allow you to make that intangible vision into something real.

"Enjoy the little things in life for someday you will realize they were the big things"

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