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Wind Chime Placement for 2023

A question from Barb:

“Now that it seems that spring is arriving early, I was wondering, where are the best places for wind chimes this year?”

Wind chimes are made of hollowed metal and they are one of the most popular cures used in Feng Shui. In addition, some brands are designed with very pleasant melodies.

Metal is the strongest element there is, this means that its sound can cut through some of the densest energies. Dense energy also means blockage or negativity. We use wind chimes outside and inside the home to mitigate negative energy and lessen its effects.

There are 9 sectors in the Bagua map, we use wind chimes to cure the worst of the sectors.

Where to Place Wind Chimes in 2023

The Northwest Sector is the area of the patriarch of the house and it is the best area for placement. Protecting the male of the home from health issues, illness or accidents is important, particularly if he is the breadwinner.

What Kind of Wind Chime?

A six rod wind chime is preferred. 6 is the number related to the Northwest sector. The #6 means blessings from Heaven, which would help protect against undesirable experiences as well as help bring solutions to any pressing issues.

Best Wind Chime placement

The best area to place the Wind chime is in a specific area of the Northwest, between 293 and 307 degrees. You can put this information to use if you have a traditional Feng Shui compass or a marked floor plan.

Why is Placement Important?

The Northwest is home to the worst energy of the year, as well as part of the “3 killings” energy known as Annual Sha. Meaning that when it is triggered by renovation and construction, it can bring physical injury. If you have a tree to be cut down in this area, it is best to save it for next year.

Who is Most Affected in the Northwest

The Father of the home, oldest male, those with the Dog and Pig in their charts and whoever uses the Northwest area of the house.

Do you have either the Dog or Pig? Print your chart

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