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Everything is energy.  Energy is all around us.  We are all pure energy. Energy is the invisible layer that runs through anything and everything. Different cultures have different terms for energy - ley lines, meridians, Qi, Chi, Prana.


Because of their appreciation of energy and how it can positively or negatively affect their lives, Eastern countries have been using Feng Shui for centuries to optimally manage energy. In the West, we have not fully embraced this concept and we fall short when it comes to understanding how to harness the energy of our home. 

Using Feng Shui, your home can help you resolve any stagnant energies that may affect your relationships, your ability to earn money, or the ability to grow. Considering  your home and lodging is a priority and the biggest expense in your monthly bill, it makes sense to optimize your home to it's fullest potential. 



To understand the idea of what we seek to attract in life, I will explain the Concept of COSMIC TRINITY,  or the 3 types of luck because things come in 3's.   




This is about Fate, what you where born with.


This is something we cannot change 



This is about our actions,  what we create and attract in life is the result of preparation and awareness



This is about the energy of your space and 

the subject of Feng Shui

Most people live in a home that takes about 35% of their monthly income and are

NOT in alignment with it.  When you live out of alignment, you live in misalignment with your subconscious mind. This can cause misaligned thoughts, actions, and feelings that can ultimately direct you away from your destiny or your full potential. 

Creating your heaven on earth

Creating your heaven on earth is about creating alignment with your space. Everyone has areas and directions of higher resonance.

Aligning with these areas creates ease of opportunities, unblocks stagnant areas and can create success in the major areas of life. 

Want to create the best Feng Shui Alignment?

I am offering a 4 week program called

"The Power of Home - Every Day Practices to Empower Yourself For Life" 

We meet Monday evenings via zoom starting

July 12th at 7 pm Central Time. 

Space is limited to 12 people 

This is what we will cover! 

Image by Nejc Soklič

Understanding Energy


- What is energy based on 

- Understanding the energetic     components

- Applying it in your space


Image by Alexander Andrews

The energy Map

- Personalizing your space 

- Evaluating your personal        directions and your energy number

Understanding human interactions


- Practical applications

- Does shape affect you?  

Image by Greg Rakozy

Inner & Outer worlds

- The effect of the external          environment. Evaluating external features. 

- The effect of the Internal  environment. Evaluating Internal features  

Image by Debby Hudson

Understanding Yearly Energies

- Understanding the effect of the shift in your life as well as your space.

- What are the energies?

- How can you use them?  

Understanding how to use Feng Shui and the energies of your space will help you elevate you life in key areas

  • Growth and Money opportunities.

       Making simple changes to your working space can enhance productivity and focus

  • Health

       The energies in your bedroom and the eating areas can tell a lot about your health​

  • Family Relationships

       Understand family dynamics and better ways to communicate according to one's energy

  • Social Network 

       Creating space for mutually beneficial interactions between friends, clients and co-workers

  • Personal Growth 

       Enhancing clarity, better mindset and wisdom in your daily life 

Enroll now for $158

This information is often sold for over $500 in big groups where you may not get personalized attention


Space is limited to 12 people.

This allows for everyone to have a personalized experience and a community to learn with   

REPLAYS available within 24 hours of the session 

Further instructions will be sent via email after registration, within 24 hours.