One of the aspects of the Classical Feng Shui is how energy changes with TIME. Time is cyclical and is a very important part of assessing energy.


With the passage of time, there is a change in the quality of energy.


Time is assessed hourly, daily, monthly, yearly and in 20 year periods. There are a total of 9 periods. 


A full or complete cycle, called Direct Cycle consist of 180 years. 


Based on the “3 Cycles 9 Periods” of Xuang Kong Flying Stars Feng Shui, the “3 Cycles” are made of 60 years. As shown 1, 2 & 3 below.

Cycles of Time

The “9 Periods” are 9 (20) year periods broken down in this manner:



Period 1: 1864 to 1883

Period 2: 1884 to 1903

Period 3: 1904 to 1923



Period 4: 1924 to 1943

Period 5: 1944 to 1963

Period 6: 1964 to 1983



Period 7: 1984 to 2003

Period 8: 2004 to 2023

Period 9: 2024 to 2043


Every Period corresponds to a Triagram in the Bagua, the 8 sided enegetic map. As shown above.


We are currently living in Period 8. It corresponds to the Triagram Gen in the Northeast.

It represents the element of Earth, the Big Mountain.


This trigram also represents young kids, young males. 

It rules the fingers, the nose and the spine. 


The Big Mountain represents stillness and knowledge.


We are currently living in the information age that is being led by young males.


In general terms, the influence of the Triagram is as follows. 


The internet has flourished in this period of time. It has opened up new forms of communication and sources of knowledge. Accessing this source of information has made us less physically active and more still. Using the keyboard has made our fingers more active. When sitting for long periods of time, we need to be mindful of our posture, our spine. 


The implications go beyond this simple analysis.

However, I invite you to examine the areas that are thriving currently.

Look at the country, the continents and the world.

For example, New York is located in the NE area of the country. A seat of financial power. 


What happens after the Direct Cycle is over?


After Period 9 is over, we start a new Direct Cycle with period 1. It is a continuation of the spiral of energy.


Beyond that, the Greater Cycle is observed, a period of 540 years. 


The Time clock does not stop, it continues to progress as it acquires different qualities. 


Being aware of the change in energy helps us to be in the flow. I’ve experienced that this is the best way to live. 


Being in the flow means practicing good Feng Shui: Knowing what positive areas of your space to use and keep active.

Being in the flow also means knowing what negative areas to keep quiet. 


I cannot emphasize how important using this simple practice is. It can make a big difference in your personal life and career.  


A disagreement, an argument or even worse, an accident can cause irreparable damage.

Sometimes it can become a situation that one may never surpass. 


This Ancient Wisdom is a very practical body of knowledge. It is extraordinary and unique.


It is a great tool to apply and navigate modern times.