Your Roadmap to Success

This a 6 week group program designed to help you achieve the kind of success that is personalized to you.  

Your Natal chart is what we will use to discover your personal code to success.

We will get together once a week to go over pre-delivered course content

The program includes one 45 minute individual consultation with me

Program Content

I. Fundamentals for Creating Success 

Team work

Week #1

Wealth Analysis,

the New Concept of Wealth 

Sky Full of Light

Week #2

Career Analysis

Your Karmic Path



Reach the Top

Week #3

Career Analysis

Becoming Unstoppable 

II. Relationship Analysis

Happy Family
Happy Family

Week #4

Family Interactions

Where Having


Peace Counts 

Successful Work Team

Week #5

Work Interactions,


Improve Your


People Skills 

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III. What Does Feng Shui have to do with

Your Success?  

Modern Home

Week #6

How to Use Your Space to Achieve Your Goals 

Note, in order to take full advantage of this feature, an accurate and to scale floor plan is required 

We are experiencing a massive shift at this present time.


Everything is changing, including how we relate and do business. 

  • How can you stay relevant in today's environment? 

  • How can you impact more lives while doing what you love? 

  • What strategies work best for you? 

  • Are you tired of following someone else's formula that is not working for you and want to follow  your own solution instead? 

If you have said "YES" to any of these questions, this program is for you

IV. Program Schedule

 We meet weekly starting on Wednesday, July 15th at  7 pm CST for about 90 minutes

Class material will be available every Monday on the Learning Center

Class ends on August 19th. 

Act Now and Claim Your Spot

$499 Pay in Full

$256 Pay in 2 installments

Because this is a personalized program, space is limited

*** Be sure to provide your birthdate information including the hour of birth if possible. Via  email ***

If you are not satisfied after the first class, simply send me and email  and 100% of your investment will be returned to you.

No questions asked

( transfer fees apply )