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July Energy


Meet Veronica Montinola

Master Feng Shui Consultant

Veronica Montinola is one of the few Master Consultants in the Chicago area and an authority in upgrading the energy in your environment. She has trained with master teachers in Southeast Asia and brings clarity to this often misunderstood ancient wisdom.

Chinese Astrology is healing. It is the vehicle that personalizes the energy of your home. Is your home supporting your goals and endeavors? 

Classical Feng Shui is personalized to you. 

MY TOOLS: Using the energy of your environment (home or office) as well as your Natal Chart allows me to guide you towards your purpose so you can create a conscious and fulfilling lifestyle. 

We have abundant knowledge available to us. It is time to move from the KNOW to the HOW with personalized tools so you can succeed and prosper

Meet Veronica
Why Naturopathy

Feng Shui Terms & Tips

Above the Clouds
What is Feng Shui?
Image by Kumiko SHIMIZU

Feng Shui is the practice of enhancing and mitigating the energies of your environment to bring harmony in your life.    


 Feng Shui is a mathematical model of the Universe that takes time & space into consideration as well as the geography, the environment and man-made structures.

Your Natal Chart holds the key to what the year will hold.


The Four Pillars of Destiny have much to share. You have four animals that affect your year. Which will dominate?

Feng Shui & Mirrors

In Feng Shui, mirrors can be used to reflect and direct energy. Mirrors are also used as an element to either strengthen, weaken or control another element.

Placing a mirror in the bedroom is a practice I discourage. The mirror does its part to wreak havoc in your relationship & health.

Personal Consultation

If you'd like to get specific details about what 2024 has in-store for you, why not schedule a personal consultation with me?

We can discuss career, love, family, plan your next move...


This hour long strategic appointment can be held over Zoom or in person. Various forms of action may be necessary. 


"Everything is Energy and that's all there is to it. "

Bed Placement

When you set up your bed at home, be sure your head points to a solid wall and you are able to see the door when laying in bed. This gives you distance from where the CHI or energy enters. It gives energy a chance to meander towards you rather than it coming straight at you. 

The Grand Duke

The Dragon is the Fifth animal in the Chinese Zodiac. In 2024, the Dragon is King, it is also known as the Grand Duke.

The Grand Duke of the year comes with power, authority and status. You are the boss. Therefore, know that all eyes are on you. What you say and do can be scrutinized by your competition.

The Lunar New Year

The Lunar New Year is also known as the Chinese New Year and the Spring Festival. The New Year begins at the first new moon of the Year and ends on the first full moon of the calendar year. Spring Festival dates are based on the lunar cycle, and celebration dates vary yearly. Celebrations begin 2 weeks before the official year starts, this year on February 4. 

Weddings & Feng Shui

My practice is rooted in the study of energy called Qi, or Chi, based in traditional Eastern methods. Traditional Feng Shui is about time, space and the environment. It is not about the color of the wedding gown, floral arrangement, shape of the cake or shape of the table.

It is about the right date and the right time. This is one of the most important days of someone’s life. Selecting a good date is not for the sake of symbolism.

The right date is selected based on the Natal Chart of the bride and the groom. Selecting an auspicious date that is aligned to both the bride and groom will make the experience pleasant and memorable. A Best Day appointment is appropriate for choosing wedding dates. 

9 Steps to Lasting Success Testimony

Veronica's classes and advice helped me transform and turn my life around. She helped me choose dates to show my resignation letter and interviews. My new job allows me to make more money !

— Joan



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