Meet Veronica Montinola

Master Feng Shui Consultant

Veronica Montinola is one of the few Master Consultants in the Chicago area and an authority in upgrading the energy in your environment. She has trained with master teachers in Southeast Asia and brings clarity to this often misunderstood ancient wisdom.

Chinese Astrology is healing. It is the vehicle that personalizes the energy of your home. Is your home supporting your goals and endeavors? 

Classical Feng Shui is personalized to you. 

MY TOOLS: Using the energy of your environment (home or office) as well as your Natal Chart allows me to guide you towards your purpose so you can create a conscious and fulfilling lifestyle. 

We have abundant knowledge available to us. It is time to move from the KNOW to the HOW with personalized tools so you can succeed and prosper


Why Feng Shui & Chinese Astrology?

It can help with

Above the Clouds

By combining Feng Shui with Chinese Astrology we establish an energetic connection to our home or office environment, making sure the Chi flows for our benefit so our environment can serve our goals.


Classical Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology are related, they are like siblings.


Therefore, to practice these 2 together only adds more dimension and depth to a person’s life.

Energy is everywhere but learning how to access it is the key. The key lies in a person’s natal chart. That is where Chinese Astrology comes in.

Energies of Space

If a person works from home, then we can tap into their success direction. If a person relies on good relationships or needs to improve upon them, then we can tap into their relationship direction.


These are some of the things that can be done to tap into the energies of the space to strengthen you. After all having a home that supports your health & vitality should be the first thing in our “needs” priority.

Chinese astrology is just as important

to Feng Shui because it puts the “self” as part of the equation.

Location, Flow of energy and Direction are priorities we consider.


I put up an ad to sell my Jeep on a Remove Day, as Veronica suggested. I got so many offers that I sold it for $200 more than asking price the day after I took out the ad. Thank you, Veronica!

— Tanya Kutterer