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Click the link to create your own chart and find our what your Pillars of Destiny have in store for you! 

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Your Heart

Your Peach Blossom

In every Chinese Astrology chart, There is a Peach Blossom, which is also known as the flower of romance. These are your most kindred spirits, those souls you connect with deeply.  


Everything is energy.  Feng Shui is the practice of enhancing and mitigating the energies of your environment to bring harmony in your life. Feng Shui is a mathematical model of the Universe that takes time & space into consideration as well as the geography, the environment and man-made structures.

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Choose from Feng Shui, BaZi or both!

I can help you improve the energy of your home, your workspace, your business and more with ancient techniques that date back 5,000 years. 

You can also join my group of individuals who get direct help and learn about the different energies affecting you monthly.  

Just follow the link to see a full list of services and prices. 

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