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 Home Consultation
  Personalized to your needs

Applying Feng Shui Principles for Success

My consultation is personalized for the persons living in the home or using a work space based on their birth date.  Personal Feng Shui allows a person to function at a higher level; it aligns personal energy to their space and allows the individuals to become in sync with their beneficial energies.  The location of their daily tasks is assessed accordingly.  


My approach includes a compass reading of the front of the dwelling or building, analysis of the surrounding area, assessment of the energies inside the space, furniture placement, and the effect of the annual energies.  


Energy, also known as CHI or Qi, is dynamic and cyclical like time. Time affects us all. Time is a great equalizer.  Annual afflictions are neutralized and positive energies are enhanced to benefit the residents.  Afflictions are areas of negative energy that change with time. It is important to know where they are located to ensure safety for the residents. 


An accurate and up to date floor plan is required for the consultation as well as a confidential questionnaire.


   Optimizing a Small Space

Placement of items and usage of the space becomes very important in a business. Tapping into the best Qi available increases productivity.


Feng Shui can help with:



  • Best location for the cash register or accounting office.


  • Location of the executive office and shop.


  • Soothe working relationships and relationship with adjacent businesses


  • Choosing a more effective and productive sitting and working direction  


  • Making improvements to the energy of your environment from unfavorable or average to best.


  •  Increasing profits is possible when aligning with positive energy patterns






 Old Buildings
   Bringing in new energy

The same principles that are used for the application of Home Feng Shui is also used for apartments and condominiums. However, it may offer some minor challenges:



  • When the building is not receiving good CHI from the environment


  • When the resident is surrounded with energies that may not be to their choosing. 


  • When the space is so small that it is difficult to maximize the use of space and energy locations.


  • When the main entrance to the building is in a different location than the front door of the unit.


  • When the residence is above ground level. 


  • When making changes to the apartment is not an option.



Classical and Traditional Feng Shui practices are divided into Periods. Energy changes are observed daily, monthly, yearly and by periods of 20 years.



A building that was built or renovated during the current period, has current energy. It is fresh and vibrant.


Period 8 is the current energy that started February 4, 2004 and ends in 2023.


Older buildings can be renovated to enhance their energy.

Looking and tapping into the current energies can be achieved through the Classical Method called Flying stars.


Tapping into good CHI of an older building is particularly important because it will allow the resident to maximize the use of the space for his or her own benefit.


The number 8 is the reigning number of the period. The 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing China started August 8, 2008.  Their ceremony started at 8 pm their time.


Notice all the number 8’s?  According to Wikipedia, this was the most watched event in human history. Many world records as well as Olympic records were set and it was a beneficial event for all participating countries.


  Clearing & Blessings
    Establishing Peace and Harmony

A clearing releases and removes any discordant energy that has accumulated in your space, very much like dust and lint, except that it is not visible. It is important to perform these activities periodically and especially when:


  • There is a serious illness in the home

  • You are subject to unexplainable events

  • Before moving into a new home

  • When there is a big change in life, such as a divorce 

  • When you are ready to embrace life by getting rid of the “old” 

  • When you feel a lot of tension or are subject to negative energy  


Blessings charge the space with positive energy. Your personal intentions are integrated into the blessings.  It is important to have a blessing:


  • Before moving into a new home

  • Before any remodeling

  • When you are ready to move on from a situation that no longer serves you 

  Feel the Shift
    A collaboration with other Healers

Sometimes, circumstances dictate when there is a need for a deeper change.  To better serve you, I collaborate with two other energy practitioners in order to heal the spiritual, physical and the living environment. 



  • We start with clearing entities from the space and the residents.  They are very subtle energy attachments that can make a difference in the way you live.

  • Next is to clear the physical vibrations that are holding you back from creating the life you want.  Like an anchor, these vibrations can keep you stuck and stagnant.  Unable to grow and go forward, you remain playing and reliving the same old story over and over again.

  • Lastly, Feng Shui principles are applied to your working or living environment to become in sync with your renewed energy. Your space then becomes an instrument to aid and support your transformation. 










The Energy Map of your space

Having accurate blueprints is essential to locating energies.  Sometimes, a builder, realtor or leasing office can provide one.


Life's Simple Pleasures offers this service for those who don't have a blueprint. Everything specified below is measured and drawn.


You may also draw your own blueprint by using graph paper, measuring tape, ruler and eraser.


The following items must be indicated in the blueprint:

  • Entrance, windows and doors

  • Rooms, partitions and stairs

  • Bathrooms, closets, garage

  • Location and position of beds

  • Desks and tables

  • Study and work spaces

  • Kitchen area with appliance locations

  • Garden area, trees and street location

  • Decks and patios

  • Other levels of the space used,  such us a second floor or basement

Consultation Fees:


        Can purchase multiple sessions    

        A recording of the session is also available. 

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  • Feng Shui Consultations, First-Time In Person Assessment $990

  • Distance Feng Shui Assesment Using Qi Men Dun Jia $324


  • Yearly Assessments and energy upgrades start at $196. 

       All Consultations include a written report. 


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NOTE: All consultations require a filled questionnaire.

            Feng Shui Consultations require an accurate Floor Plan  


To schedule a 30 minute FREE consultation contact me at veronicamontinola@lspfengshui.com



No problem can be solved from the same level of conciousness that created it. 

                                                                                                                                                                                     ~  Albert Eisntein