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What is Bazi?

Bazi is an amazing application of Chinese Metaphysics.

Bazi is a form of Chinese Astrology sometimes referred to as the 4 Pillars of Destiny.

Birth is the moment we enter into this world and is recorded in numerical form. Using the Chinese calendar, this numerical information is translated into versions of the 5 elements and becomes the ...

blueprint of your life

For example: 12-01-05 Male born at 3:57 pm.

This numeral information gets translated to:

This blueprint can give us a clue into many important aspects of life.

  • Ourselves: Who we are and how we operate. What is the state of our health?

  • Relationships: Is the relationship with our family harmonious? What kind of spouse will I attract? How can I enrich my circle of friends?

  • Career: Am I in the right career or industry? Who should I market to? What action will bring the best results and profit?

Studying the blueprint can also help us prepare for what is coming our way. Every year, a consultant can analyze a person's chart against the annual energy pattern and its effect.

Knowing what this cycle offers can help diminish its negative effects and maximize its positive impact.

Following the energy patterns present in your chart helps you go with the flow of life, instead of against it.

But going with the flow does not necessarily mean accepting what is.

We can no longer exist thinking that our life is fated.

we study the chart to see what is possible

Knowing what is in your astrological chart means that one has the power to create and design their destiny within the context of what is.

Sometimes, by looking at the chart we can discover some skills we never knew we had. Or there may be some things that happen in your lifetime that made an impact on you. These moments are written in your chart. One has a choice ….

to take action or not

Knowing what is present in the year cycle can become an opportunity of a lifetime, a great partnership or it could also be a reason to be cautious with who you meet and what you do.

Businesses, relationships and opportunities are sometimes gone in a matter of months because of “bad luck”. “Bad Luck” is just an energy pattern.

Those Chinese Sages where very clever.

Having this knowledge that stood the test of time is a privilege.

It is time we use ancient tools and apply them in our modern living to help ourselves and others.

If you'd like to find out more about it, follow this link.

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