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The Secret to Creating a Good Life

Every year, there is an energy shift that is marked by the coming of a new zodiac animal.

This shift is part of the natural ebb and flow of life. In our vibrational world, there is constant change and shift in energy.

In order to optimize our life experience, it is important for us to know how to flow with this shift.

Knowing what the changes are and what to do with the shift of energies is the secret to a good life.

The Flying Star method maps out the changes of energy according to planetary shifts.

This energetic map shows the energies in every sector of the space. The energetic qualities are recorded with numbers. They are simply designed to look like a tic tac toe chart with numbers.

The order of the numbers changes every year.

As simple as it may look the order is not random. It is designed to follow the movement of the planets.

Practical example of how the energy map works

For 2017 the year of the Fire Rooster, the worst energy is in the South sector.

Here are a couple of examples of this energy’s influence;

2 grocery stores within 2 miles of our home went out of business. They both had a South entrance.

Most homes and businesses with a South entrance or exit have struggled or became challenged.

Knowing this aspect of energy ahead of time could have helped take the correct measures to ensure a different outcome.

Does energy affect certain people?

The South sector energy also affected young women in particular. Throughout the world, I noticed a lot of news about young girls getting into accidents or being killed by drunk drivers.

It is important to know when to be careful, have good Feng Shui and when not take chances.

Good energies

On the positive side, a grocery store with a Southeast entrance has thrived so they remodeled.

A brand new grocer with all the modern amenities opened up. They have a North entrance.

Young men in general where in “luck” and enjoyed a great year.

What has your experience been this year?

What does this technique have in common with other forms of ancient knowledge?

  • This Square is also a Mandala, a Symbol representing the Universe

  • For the Hebrew and the Kabbala, this square is a manifestation of higher cosmic forces . See Figure 6.

  • The Freemasons, the worlds oldest and most powerful fraternity uses this same square. See figure 3 and 4 of the link above.

Do you know that the Masons are the founders of our

country and still follow these principles today?

  • This square is also known as the Magic Square of Saturn.

  • The movement of the numbers in the Magic Square is known as the Saturn Sigil - Seal of Saturn. See Figure 7.

It is remarkable that these ancient cultures use the same square as an expression of energy. There was no open forms of communications between ancient cultures at the time.

When the wisdom of our ancestors integrates cross culturally, there is truth within the teachings.

Going forward, embracing this knowledge can be a great tool. Using this tool can help create and build a fulfilling life.

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