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9 Reasons Why Your Feng Shui May not be Working

Does Feng Shui really work? My answer is, absolutely! There is a lot of confusion as to how Feng Shui works. I still get a skeptic look when I say what I do. The confusion comes from how the different schools approach the subject. There are 2 main versions:

The American version known is currently known as B.S.E.B.. B.S.E.B. means Black Sect Esoteric Buddhism. Founded in Berkeley, California in by His Holiness Professor

Lin Yun. This version brought Feng Shui to the West. This knowledge spread

like wildfire. A school was founded and has made many best selling authors.

People were hungry for this information. We have Professor Yun

to thank for bringing this awareness to the West.

The Asian version, known as Classical Feng Shui. This version goes deeper into Feng Shui knowledge. There are many levels and degrees of complexity. In my opinion,

it is the most complete. In addition to the environment, this system takes a holistic

approach by taking into consideration the people and aspects of the Universe. This is known as the Cosmic Trinity.

  • Heaven - Things outside of our control

  • Earth - Feng Shui

  • Human - The people experience

Here are 9 reasons why your Feng Shui may not be working.

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