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Effects of the Wood Dragon Year

It is predicted that the Year of the Wood Dragon will be a transformative and memorable year.  It is the beginning of a brand new era where change will be felt in all areas of life.

We are already experiencing the effects of the energies of the year… flooding, earthquakes, chaos…Things don’t feel stable and this is just the beginning of the year.

The Worst of the Wood Dragon Pillar

Analyzing the chart of the year helps us to become aware of the following patterns.

  • Weather.  The Dragon carries earth within.  Wood controls earth. This means the earth is challenged. Therefore we will experience higher seismic activity.  Be aware of this when you choose a travel destination.

  •  Travel.  This element is related to water, which is almost non-existent in the annual chart.  This can affect air travel more than land travel.   It is advisable to err on the cautious side when making plans and allow extra time to get to your destination.

  •  Jobs.  Companies will continue to downsize and job losses will continue.   On the other hand, when there is a job opening, there may be many candidates, making it highly competitive.

  •  Higher prices will continue.  With Earth being weak, shortages of harvests will raise demand and prices.

The Best of the Wood Dragon Pillar

There is always an Yin and a Yang.  Not everyone will experience lack or chaos, but negative events have a reason to exist.  The Universe is priming us for change and progress.  Here are some things we can do to navigate the energy of this changing year,

  • Be part of a larger and supportive community.

  • Have clarity. Analyze the “what ifs” and be prepared. Work on your strengths, everyone has their own.

  • Have a back-up plan and something you can leverage.

  • Wait to make big moves and large investments. A chaotic year may bring the best opportunities to those that seek them.

  • Focus on your growth, both internal and external.  Learn new skills and learn to quiet your mind.  Stay away from stress and anxiety.

  • Keep your eyes and ears open.  It is during chaotic times that cracks begin to show and an opportunity for those that are paying attention to capitalize on.

Most Negative sectors in 2024

Sharing 2 sectors: West & South. These are “No Renovation” areas.The energy of these sectors apply to the world map, as well as your home and office.

  • On the World Map, the US, Mexico, and Central America represents the West.  We may experience some challenges this year, particularly the Western states of the US, like California, Nevada, Utah and parts of Arizona.   We have already seen strong weather patterns affecting the west coast.

  • For your home, you can find these sectors by drawing a square or rectangular border around your home or office and label those sectors based on a compass reading.

Best Sector for 2024

The best sector for year is the Southwest.  The best way to harness this energy is by using this space as much as you can. Doing this will trigger and activate the energies so you can use them to further your goals and get ahead. This is where the bulk of your work, thinking and meetings should take place.

This is a very important year to set yourself in the right direction and get the momentum started.

Do you need help identifying areas, mitigating energies and getting your house ready for 2024? Is your space/ environment benefiting you or holding you back? Visit our services page to schedule a session

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