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Is Astrology Woo-woo?

This week our question comes from Rob,

I like what you share but cannot get over the fact that Astrology seems a little "woo woo." I associate it with a crystal ball, tarot cards and the like…

Most people have this reaction when the word “astrology” is presented. I have to admit being skeptical when I first started.

Centuries ago, Astrology was highly respected. It was based on the planetary movements, the sun and the moon cycles, how they interact and most importantly, the effect it had on our life. Astrology tell us that we are part of the Universe.

Using some analogy, let’s think of the earth as one big pizza pie. The little slices of pizza, whether they are

triangular or square are still pizza.

Those little pieces or series of pizza represent us. We live on planet earth, therefore we are still part of the Universe. Maybe we don’t have a whole pepperoni, sausage or vegetable on our piece of pizza, but that does not mean we are not part of the whole.

As the world changes, people are welcoming ancient knowledge. Did you know that with astrology, we can see what organ can be affected years before illness manifest? Astrology is a language of the Universe. That’s all.

Whether we call it science, or interpreting it as good or bad is based on beliefs and judgment. Nothing is good or bad according to the universe. Judgement is based on mindset.

Using the analogy of the pizza, we are a slice of it and made of a piece of the planets. Take time to print your natal chart. You will see a play of elements within. The elements represent the moving planets.

“Look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see and wonder about what makes the Universe exists. Be curious”

~ Stephen Hawking

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