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This question came from Darryl,

Dear Veronica, I come from a large family. I know a pillar in my natal chart has to do with my siblings, but can you expand on what this pillar will tell me?


Your siblings pillar is in the MONTH PILLAR.

The animal in this pillar describes the nature of your relationship with your sibling. Whether it is pleasant or not, it depends on the animal relationships between the day and the month. These are called “Earthly Branches.”

Like the trunk of a tree, they are stable and foundational.


When you have multiple siblings, the best way to see compatibility is by comparing siblings charts. If you are closer to one sibling, the chart will show it. Sometimes siblings have more influence than the parents.

Sibling relationships can be complicated. There can be high competition, jealousy, and fighting among siblings. If we have these features in our chart, we were born to learn from it. Being born in the solar months of April, June, September or November would be an easy indicator because they are called “self punishment”.

This feature can be activated when siblings see the same animals: Dragon to Dragon, Horse to Horse, Rooster to Rooster or Pig to Pig in their month pillars.

Once this awareness sets in, it helps to understand why things don’t work out smoothly between siblings. Understanding your natal chart can offer solutions and eliminate stress.


In modern times, siblings can come through marriage. You can gain step siblings along your growing years. Understanding your relationship with them will entail comparing your chart to theirs.

Visit this link to print their chart.


Is the month pillar because it determines the strength of the self. The month pillar also indicates the relationship between the self and the parents. When a child feels supported by their parents and siblings, the child grows up to be more confident and secure. This child becomes a contributing and successful member of society.

I’ve seen many charts where the person lacks affinity with the family of origin. The mom is absent in the child’s life or the relationship with the father is toxic. These individuals grow up with a distant relationship to family and siblings. It is likely that this person will not have close relationship with their bosses or coworkers and the relationship with their suppose may be hindered.

“Sibling relationships outlast marriages, survive the death of parents, resurface after quarrels that would sink any friendship. They flourish in a thousand incarnations of closeness and distance, warmth, loyalty and distrust” ~ Erica E. Goode

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