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Stunting Your Growth

Mercedes posted this question:

Does Chinese Astrology help you find people who aren’t beneficial to your growth?

The answer to Mercedes question is YES!

Relationships are wonderful but they can also be a source of stress. Surrounding ourselves with the right people is important to our growth, stability and well-being.

When it comes to relationships, it comes down to affinity. In Chinese Astrology, we look for similar pillars or animal combinations.

Here are some simple ways to see if people are not beneficial to your growth

  1. No Benefits. When the animals or elements exert a negative influence to your chart and bring about stress.

  2. The Taker. When the other party is a taker and is not willing to contribute. Their personal element does not produce.

  3. Know Their Nature. Whether they can be aggressive, passive, selfish or giving is seen in their chart. For example, metal cuts wood. If you are wood, metal can be ruthless.

  4. Subject and Timing. People are triggered by cycles of time and their environment. There will be times when they may be more Yang than Yin. How they may react depends on how important the subject in question is to them.

This is a very important question, as special circumstances like roommate arrangements or business partnerships can become a sore subject over time.

I hope this helps. Please visit our home page and peruse through other articles and blogs.

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